VSS, May 13-18

VSS Poster Sessions

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Saturday Morning Posters, May 14, 8:30 am EDT

Banyan Breezeway

Perceptual Organization: General aspects

Perceptual Organization: Grouping, segmentation, hierarchies

Object Recognition: Categories

Scene Perception: Categorization and memory

Scene Perception: Virtual environments

Scene perception: Spatiotemporal statistics

Binocular Vision


Attention: Reward, capture

Visual Search: Features, cueing, suppression

Visual Memory: Objects

Perception and Action: Models

Perception and Action: Neural mechanisms

Saturday Afternoon Posters, May 14, 2:45 pm EDT

Banyan Breezeway

Perception and Action: Reaching, pointing, grasping

Eye Movements: Transaccadic, perisaccadic

Plasticity and Learning: Typical function

Motion: Object motion, biological motion

Face Perception: Models

Face Perception: Wholes and parts


Color, Light and Materials: Lightness and brightness

Attention: Features

Attention: Objects

Visual Memory: Interference

Visual Memory: Working memory and attention

Sunday Morning Posters, May 15, 8:30 am EDT

Banyan Breezeway

Object Recognition: Models, reading

Attention: Ensemble and summary statistics

Visual Search: Disorders, individual differences, strategy

Color, Light and Materials: Individual differences, disorders

Color, Light and Materials: Materials, categories, concepts, preferences

Temporal Processing: Models, neural mechanisms


Visual Memory: Representations

Visual Memory: Space, time and features

Scene Perception: Neural mechanisms

Scene Perception: Models

Perception and Action: Decision making

Sunday Afternoon Posters, May 15, 2:45 pm EDT

Banyan Breezeway

Attention: Spatiotemporal

Perceptual Organization: Preference, aesthetics, art

Object Recognition: Neural mechanisms

Object Recognition: Features and parts


3D Perception: Virtual Environments

Spatial Vision: Models

Eye Movements: Saccades and gaze patterns

Plasticity and Learning: Disorders and restoration

Attention: Neural, top-down and bottom-up

Monday Morning Posters, May 16, 8:30 am EDT

Banyan Breezeway

Face Perception: Emotion

Face Perception: Neural mechanisms

Perceptual Organization: Awareness, rivalry

Perception and Action: Affordances

Perception and Action: Navigation


Spatial Vision: Neural Mechanisms

Eye Movements: Perception

3D Perception: Shape

Attention: Neural, decision making, models

Attention: Search and salience

Tuesday Morning Posters, May 17, 8:30 am EDT

Banyan Breezeway

Face Perception: Social cognition

Face Perception: Experience, learning, and expertise

Perceptual Organization: Models, neural mechanisms

Object Recognition: Neural models

Object Recognition: Perceptual similarity


Visual Search: Serial, temporal

Visual Memory: Neural mechanisms

Visual Memory: Strategy, individual differences

Motion: Models, mechanisms, illusions

Perception and Action: Virtual environments

Temporal Processing: Timing perception, duration

Tuesday Afternoon Posters, May 17, 2:45 pm EDT

Banyan Breezeway

Face Perception: Individual differences

Face Perception: Development and Disorders

Spatial Vision: Across the visual field


Eye Movements: Neural, fixation, instrumentation


Visual Search: Eye movements, memory, knowledge

Visual Memory: Encoding, retrieval

Visual Memory: Models and mechanisms

Color, Light and Materials: Neural mechanisms, models, dimensions

Attention: Awareness

Wednesday Morning Posters, May 18, 8:30 am EDT

Banyan Breezeway

Multisensory Processing

Binocular Vision: Clinical and amblyopia

Spatial Vision: Crowding

Motion: Optic flow

Visual Search: Real-world stimuli and factors

Eye Movements: Gaze patterns, binocular