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Saturday Morning Posters, May 20, 8:30 am

Banyan Breezeway

Plasticity and Learning: Clinical applications

Binocular Vision: Clinical

Spatial Vision: Perceptual properties in health and disease

Attention: Temporal, divided

Attention: Endogenous, exogenous

Visual Search: Features, models, neural



Motion: Models, neural mechanisms

Temporal Processing: Duration, timing perception

Perception & Action: Reaching, aiming, interception

Perception and Action: Navigation and flow in virtual environments

Multisensory Processing: Visuo-haptic

Visual Memory: Long term memory

Saturday Afternoon Posters, May 20, 2:45 pm

Banyan Breezeway

Color, Light and Materials: Lightness, brightness

Color, Light and Materials: Cognition

Attention: Top-down, reward

Face Perception: Individual differences

Face Perception: Emotion


Attention: Affect, threat

Eye Movements: Perception, remapping

Object Recognition: Reading

Binocular Vision: Disparity processing

3D: Cues and integration

Perception and Action

Spatial Vision: Crowding and eccentricity

Sunday Morning Posters, May 21, 8:30 am

Banyan Breezeway

Attention: Spatial

Face Perception: Experience, learning, and expertise

Visual Search: Eye movements, attention, individual differences

Attention: Cueing, inattention

Attention: Objects


Perceptual Decision-Making

Color, Light and Materials: Surfaces, materials, constancy

Object Recognition: Neural organization and representations

Object Recognition: Visual preference, features and objects

Eye Movements: Saccades and pursuit

Spatial Vision: Neural mechanisms

Sunday Afternoon Posters, May 21, 2:45 pm

Banyan Breezeway

Development: Neural mechanisms and eye movements

Eye Movements: Visual Impairment

Motion: Local, in depth

Attention: Individual differences

Visual Working Memory: Interference

Visual Working Memory: Attention, load and capacity

Perceptual Decision-Making: Confidence


Plasticity and Learning: Statistical learning

Plasticity and Learning: Tasks, models

Binocular Vision: Integration and rivalry

3D: Shape

Perception and Action: Navigation and flow

Face Perception: Insights from artificial neural networks

Perceptual Organization: Shape, figure/ground, occlusion

Monday Morning Posters, May 22, 8:30 am

Banyan Breezeway

Object Recognition: Models

Scene Perception: Spatiotemporal factors

Attention: Temporal, templates, memory

Attention: Features

Image Preference, Statistics and Aesthetics


Eye Movements: Individual differences, novel measurement

Visual Working Memory: Serial dependence

Visual Working Memory: Neural mechanisms

Visual Working Memory: Space, features, objects

Multisensory Processing: Audio-visual, visuo-vestibular

Tuesday Morning Posters, May 23, 8:30 am

Banyan Breezeway

Color, Light, and Materials: Neural mechanisms, models

Perceptual Organization: Segmentation, grouping, similarity

Face Perception: Models

Face Perception: Neural mechanisms

Scene Perception: Categorization, memory, cognition

Scene Perception: Neural mechanisms

Visual Search: Scenes and other natural environments


Development: Perception and cognition

Spatial Vision: Models and image statistics

Motion: Higher-order

Attention: Bottom-up

Eye Movements: Complex tasks

Visual Memory: Buildup, imagery, ensembles

Tuesday Afternoon Posters, May 23, 2:45 pm

Banyan Breezeway

Plasticity and Learning: Cortex

Plasticity and Learning: Sensorimotor

Perception & Action: Grasping

3D: Spatial layout and VR/AR

Eye Movements: Scenes, VR, 3D

Motion: Optic flow

Perceptual Organization: Contour integration, common fate


Object Recognition: Categories

Object Recognition: Neural mechanisms

Face Perception: Wholes, parts, configurations, and features

Face Perception: Development and disorders

Face Perception: Social cognition

Wednesday Morning Posters, May 24, 8:30 am

Banyan Breezeway

Temporal Processing: Neural mechanisms and models

Object Recognition: Features and parts

Visual Memory: Capacity, encoding, retrieval

Spatial Vision: Texture

Visual Search: Attention

Visual Search: Strategies, efficiencies


Perception and Action: Perception of Human Actions and Bodies

Eye Movements: Fixation

Eye Movements: Attention, cognition, neural processes

Perceptual Organization: Symmetry, preference, ensembles

Scene Perception: Natural image statistics

Scene Perception: Models

Scene Perception: Virtual environments