Board of Directors Nominations

Each year, nominations are solicited for two positions on the Vision Sciences Society Board of Directors.

Any regular VSS member in good standing may be nominated, with the exception of individuals now on the board, or who have served on the board within the last four years.

Nomination Procedure

Each nomination must be endorsed by 3 regular or postdoc VSS members. One person should email the nomination to with a cc: to the other two nominators. The other two nominators should indicate their endorsement by forwarding the nominating email to . Please include the candidate’s recent CV and a short paragraph describing the qualifications of the nominee, as well as an assurance that the nominee is willing to serve. With their consent, nominees may remain on the nominee list for three years.

Board Member Responsibilities

Terms last for 4-5 years. Typically, one of the two fourth-year members serves as President with the other as Vice President.  For this cohort, the Presidential term would be the 2027-2028 year for the 2028 conference. The President also serves a fifth year for continuity and so that the Board will always have 9 members.

VSS is managed by Meeting Perfect which adeptly manages day-to-day operations.  Primary responsibilities for Board member include:

  • Serving on sub-committees that oversee various topics such as travel awards, satellite events, community outreach, workshops, graphic competitions, and awards 
  • Attending roughly bi-monthly Board meetings via Zoom
  • Preparing for and attending the in-person Board meeting in January where the program is formed for the May conference
  • Attending the VSS conference, including a subset of designated talk sessions and events associated with sub-committee membership
  • Dealing with special unexpected issues, such as the potential need to work with Meeting Perfect to find and vet alternative meeting sites.

Board members’ travel costs and accommodations for the January Board meeting, and accommodations and registration for the annual meeting are covered by VSS. Board members may not give talks at the meeting or participate in symposia during their service (although members of their lab may do so). In addition, Board members cannot submit nominations or letters of support for VSS Awards. 

Selection of the Slate of Candidates

The VSS bylaws provide for a Nominating Committee, composed of VSS members who are highly respected scientists chosen to represent the broad range of disciplines representative of VSS members (the VSS President chairs the Nominating Committee). The current members of the Nominating Committee are Geoff Boynton (current VSS President), SP Arun, Marisa Carrasco, Roland Fleming, and Ruth Rosenholtz. For each open Board position, the Nominating Committee selects from the nominees a slate of candidates who are highly respected scientists and who, when added to the Board of Directors, would result in broad representation of the disciplines representative of VSS members.

Current Board of Directors

The names, term start and end dates and areas of expertise of the Board members are listed below. Board terms end immediately after the VSS meeting of the year listed.

Jody Culham (2020-2024)
Perception and Action, Object Recognition, Reaching and Grasping, Neuroimaging

T. Rowan Candy (2021-2024)
Visual Development, Clinical, Binocular Vision, Visual Optics, Eye Movements

Geoffrey Boynton (2021-2025)
Visual Attention, Visual Prosthetics, functional MRI, and Computational Neuroscience

Shin’ya Nishida (2022-2025)
Motion, Color and Light, Multisensory Processing, Object Recognition

Anya Hurlbert (2022-2026)
Color and Light, Object Recognition, Scene Perception

Krystel Huxlin (2023-2026)
Motion, Perceptual Learning, Plasticity, Psychophysics, Vision Loss, Visual Rehabilitation, Visual Restoration, Anatomy, Neurochemistry

Michael Landy (2023-2027)
3D Perception, Binocular Vision, Sensory Integration, Perception and Action, Texture and Spatial Vision, Material Perception, Psychophysics, Computational Models

Richard Krauzlis (2024-2027 or 2028)
Attention, Pursuit, Electrophysiology in Mice and Monkeys

Martin Rolfs (2024-2027 or 2028)
Saccadic Eye Movements, Motion, Attention, Awareness, Eye-tracking


Nominations Accepted: February 1, 2024
Nominations Close: March 1, 2024
Election Opens: April 1, 2024
Election Closes: April 22, 2024