Vision After Sight Restoration

Monday, April 29, 1:15 – 2:45 pm at ARVO 2019, Vancouver, Canada
Organizers: Lynne Kiorpes, Ulrike Grunert and David Brainard
Speakers: Holly Bridge, Krystel Huxlin, Sharon  Gilad -Gutnick and Geoff Boynton

Visual deprivation during development can have a profound effect on adult visual function, with congenital or early acquired blindness representing one extreme regarding the degree of deprivation and adult sight loss representing another. As better treatments for blindness become available, a critical question concerns the nature of vision after the restoration of sight and the level of remaining visual system plasticity. This symposium will highlight recent progress in this area, as well as how vision therapy can best be deployed to optimize the quality of post-restoration vision. This is the biennial VSS@ARVO symposium, featuring speakers from the Vision Sciences Society.