Satellite Events

Planning a Satellite Event for VSS 2020

A satellite is any event that requires venue facilities, publicity in VSS media, or coordination with VSS staff, but that is not an official VSS event.

Examples include special interest groups, user groups, committee meetings, workshops, tutorials, social events, or scientific meetings. A Satellite Event can be for all attendees or by invitation only.

Events intended for all VSS attendees may not overlap with any official VSS event. Time slots for satellites are listed below. Please note that your preferred slot may not necessarily be available. Scheduling is at the discretion of the VSS Board of Directors.

Day Time slots available
Thursday any time
Friday before noon
Saturday after 8:30 pm
Monday 2:00 – 4:30 pm
Monday 4:30 – 6:30 pm
Tuesday 12:30 – 2:30 pm
Tuesday 7:30 – 10:00 pm
Wednesday after 1:00 pm

All satellites must be approved by VSS. An application form must be completed and submitted by December 16. Approved satellite events will be scheduled in January and organizers of accepted events will be notified thereafter. Listing of Satellite Events in VSS media is at the discretion of VSS.

Fees for satellite events are based on requirements and the status of the applicant. Fees are paid directly to VSS.

Requirements Commercial or Registration Fee Satellite Fee
Room only No 0
Room + Food or A/V No $200
Room + Food or A/V Yes $500

VSS staff will assist with room assignment and promotion in VSS media (program, website, and signage). For events that include food, A/V, or other special arrangements, VSS staff will coordinate those arrangements with the hotel. All further planning and coordination is the responsibility of the event organizers. Any changes to the arrangements or late special requests may incur an additional fee.

Organizer Requirements

  • Organizers must be members of VSS and registered for the meeting.
  • Commercial companies interested in organizing a Satellite Event must be an exhibitor at the meeting.

Organizer Responsibilities

Organizers must:

  • Work directly with the VSS executive director or designated staff regarding all event logistics, including food and A/V.
  • State clearly in all communications about the event, including written materials and emails, that the Satellite Event is neither sponsored nor endorsed by VSS.
  • Announce at the beginning of the event that the event is not sponsored or endorsed by VSS.
  • Assume full financial responsibility for food/beverage services and equipment ordered (including setup and tear down labor, room rental, and reset fees, if applicable). A deposit to VSS may be required at least one week prior to the event.
  • Obtain additional liability insurance and/or permits (if necessary).
  • Order miscellaneous items, except those requested on the standard form (i.e., audiovisual, staging, etc.), from VSS vendors, unless given written permission by the VSS Executive Director.
  • Use services only from VSS’s official vendors, unless given written permission by the VSS Executive Director.
  • Supply the signage for the event. Signs may be placed only outside the entrance door to the event. Directional signage is prohibited.
  • Remove all signage and meeting materials (e.g., handouts) from assigned rooms at the event’s conclusion and agree to pay any cleaning fee resulting from use of the space.

Prohibited Actions

  • Demonstrations, displays, and/or marketing or distribution of commercial products is not permitted during Satellite Events. Event speakers may refer to a product as a reference tool during presentations.
  • Promotional literature advertising the Satellite Event may not be distributed as door drops in hotels, unless given written permission by the VSS Executive Director. Satellite Event organizers may not conduct drawings or award gifts to meeting attendees, unless given written permission by the VSS Executive Director.
  • Organizers cannot use the VSS acronym in website URLs or in e-mail subject lines, unless given written permission by the VSS Executive Director.


Applications Accepted: October 16, 2019
Applications Deadline: December 16, 2019