Elsevier/VSS Young Investigator Award

The Elsevier/VSS Young Investigator Award, sponsored by Vision Research, is given to an early-career vision scientist who has made outstanding contributions to the field. The nature of this work can be fundamental, clinical, or applied. The award selection committee gives highest weight to the significance, originality and potential long-range impact of the work. The awardee is asked to give a brief presentation of her/his work and is required to write a review to be published in Vision Research.

Nomination Process

Nominations may be made by any current regular member of the Vision Sciences Society, as well as those who hold emeritus status. A nominee must be an active VSS member, attending at least two of the last five VSS meetings. Nominees may have no more than 10 years of active research experience since earning their terminal degree, allowing for the exclusion of times that typically “stop the clock” in academic tenure track positions. For the upcoming 2021 award, if there was no break in active research/teaching, the degree must have been awarded in or after 2011. If still eligible, nominees from previous years can be re-nominated.

The nomination must include:

  1. A nomination letter, outlining in detail the scientific contributions of the nominee, discussing clear indicators of exceptional impact on the field of vision science. The nomination letter can be co-signed.
  2. A statement (included in the nomination letter) indicating whether or not life circumstances extend the period of eligibility for this award. This statement must be included regardless of the number of years that have elapsed since the nominee earned the terminal degree.
  3. A curriculum vita including an up-to-date publication list.
  4. One letter of support signed by at least one regular or emeritus VSS member.

Nominations should be submitted by email to Shauney Wilson.

Nominations are reviewed by an Award Committee consisting of a representative of the VSS Board of Directors and five established scientists selected from VSS membership. Members of the Award Committee and of the VSS Board of Directors cannot serve as nominators or provide letters of support.


Nominations Open: December 18, 2020
Nominations Close: February 8, 2021
Recipient Announced: by March 26, 2021