Symposium Organizer Instructions

Thank you for organizing a symposium for VSS. Besides introducing each speaker, you are also responsible for ensuring that your symposium session stay on time. Below are some suggestions to help make your session run smoothly.

You should first familiarize yourself with the Talk Presenter Instructions. All instructions apply, except for those related to the talk timers.

Staying on Time

Unlike talk session presentations, symposium talks do not adhere to a strict 15 minutes per talk. As the symposium organizer, you are free to allocate any time you like to each talk. Be sure to let your speakers know how much time they have to talk and how much time is allowed for questions and answers. You many also want to allocate a Q&A period at the end of the symposium session.

Symposium sessions to not use the talk session timers. You must use your watch or phone to track time. To help keep speakers on time, we provide 5 minute and 1 minutes warning signs that you can display to your speakers to let them know when they are approaching the end of the allotted talk time. You can find the warning signs in your Symposium Organizer binder.

Before Your Session

  1. Arrive at least 30 minutes before your session start time.
  2. Introduce yourself to each of the speakers and to the technician. VSS staff will also be present prior to your session to oversee preparations and answer any questions. In addition, a member of the Board of Directors will also attend the session and can help with situations.
  3. Confirm that all speakers are present. Report any missing speakers to the VSS staff person in the room.
  4. Make sure that there are NO DRINKS the table with the computers to avoid costly accidents.
  5. Ensure that all presenters have set up their computers and tested the projection. Ask them to test audio and video, if any.
  6. Ask the presenters take seats close to you in the front row.
  7. Familiarize all speakers with the talk room equipment:
  • Microphones – Because sessions are being recorded, speakers should use the lectern microphone so they remain in the frame of the camera. Audience microphones are available for Q&A.
  • Laser Pointer – Test the laser pointer and give it to the speaker.
  • Talk Time – Make sure that all speakers know how much speaking time they have.
  • Switch Box – The speakers should know where the box is and what button to push to put their presentation live.

At the End of Your Session

Have a brief chat with the speakers, technical staff, and Board member to determine if there were issues that should be communicated to the VSS staff.

Technical Assistance

If you have a problem of any kind, alert the technician in the room for assistance. The attending board member should note the problem and report it to VSS staff so it can be logged.

To reach the VSS Technical Manager, please call Jeff Wilson at 415-302-4107 or send someone to the Registration Desk. If you need to reach VSS staff at the meeting, send someone to the Registration Desk or call 727-367-6461 or at ext. 7814 or 7814 from a house phone.