VSS 2022 Coming Soon!

Welcome to VSS 2022!

In most other years that might be a routine greeting, but not in 2022. Despite the enormous obstacles put in our path by the pandemic, we are here, in person, 1500 attendees, about to start our conference. Let’s look at some highlights…

Download the Program PDF

The VSS 2022 Program PDF is available for Download (225 pages, 100MB). You can download the Program PDF to your laptop, tablet, or phone and use it as an offline source for accessing all of the VSS 2022 events and information. The Program PDF contains the same information as the VSS menu on this website. Talks and Posters are listed as title and authors only; for full abstracts please visit to the website.

VSS 2022 – May 13-18

In Person at the TradeWinds Resort, St. Pete Beach, Florida

A full program of in-person talks, symposia, workshops, satellites, networking opportunities, and special events focused on our early career researchers. Some virtual talks and in-person demo night as well.

V-VSS 2022 – June 1-2

Virtual Attendance

Interactive virtual poster sessions, virtual talks, workshops, special events, networking events, early career events, and opportunities to interact with those who presented at either VSS or V-VSS. Recordings of presentations will be available during the meeting to all attendees of both VSS and V-VSS.

See Meeting Updates and the Meeting FAQ for the latest details.

It’s our goal to make our events successful, productive and enjoyable experiences for all members and attendees. Your ideas, discoveries, creative insights and spirit have made the VSS conferences the force that connects us worldwide as we move our science to new levels and welcome new generations of investigators.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in May and June!