V-VSS Video Chat Speaker Instructions

This page includes tips, instructions, and troubleshooting information for poster presenters who will be presenting their poster via Video Chat at V-VSS.

Using Video Chat

Each poster presentation has its own Video Chat room to allow you, the presenter, to interact with V-VSS attendees. Video Chat is accessed from your poster page. You can access your poster page by logging in to your MyVSS account and clicking the ‘View My Abstract’ button.

During your two-hour V-VSS Poster Session attendees will see a “Join Video Chat” link on your poster page that they can click to join your video chat session. This is very similar to a Zoom meeting. All people on the video chat are able to see each other, talk to each other, and chat with each other.

As the presenter, you have some additional controls. Your video chat window also allows you to share your screen and mute people on the video chat.

The poster session is two hours long. You are expected to be on video chat during this time to interact with people who want to hear about your poster.

The “Start Video Chat” button on your poster page allows you to start your video chat session up to 15 minutes before the scheduled poster session. We suggest you start video chat early to test your configuration. Attendees can join your video chat up to 5 minutes prior to poster session and throughout the two-hour poster session.

Once people have joined your video chat, they can stay on the chat for up to 15 minutes after the poster session ends. At that time, the video chat room shuts down automatically.

Video chat sessions are not recorded.

Sharing Your Screen

To share your screen with your attendees, click the Share icon at the bottom of the video chat window. A dropdown list will appear at the top left of your window listing the Screens, Windows, and Chrome tabs you currently have open. Select one to share it.

To share your Poster PDF, first open the Poster PDF popup window by clicking the View PDF icon on your poster page. Then select Share Screen and select the window titled “V-VSS Poster PDF”. You can resize the Poster PDF popup window and pan and zoom to display various areas on your poster. Use your mouse in the Poster PDF popup window to point to items on your poster.

If you have problems sharing your screen, see Troubleshooting below.


Clicking the Chat icon at the bottom of your video chat window allows you and attendees to chat with each other. This is a group chat that all attendees can see. There is no one-on-one chat.

Chat messages can be seen by everyone in the chat room, even if they joined after the messages were sent. Chat content should remain professional.

Chat sessions are not recorded, but any attendee can download the chat text by clicking the Download link under the chat window. You must do this before the video chat session ends.

Managing Attendees

Clicking the People icon at the bottom of your video chat window lets you see who is online. As the presenter, you have some control over the attendees:

  • You can mute an attendee or all attendees. Once an attendee is muted, only they can unmute themself.
  • You can turn off an attendee’s video. Once their video is turned off, only they can turn it back on.
  • You can kick an attendee out of the session. However, there are no restrictions on them rejoining.


Here are some common problems and solutions for using video chat.

Hearing an Echo

If you are hearing an echo, someone’s microphone on the call is picking up the audio and feeding it back to the group. The solution is to identify the attendee causing the problem. You can start by muting all attendees and then let attendees unmute themselves. For more information, see this article.

I Can’t Share My Screen

If you click the Share Screen button, but nothing appears to happen, it’s possible that your screen sharing is blocked. Look for an icon at the top left of your video chat window that indicates that screen sharing is blocked, then click Unblock to share.

Try a different browser (Chrome is recommended) or try sharing a tab instead of a window.

If you continue to have problems, you can Leave the video chat session and re-enter. This will not end the video chat session; the rest of the attendees will still be online when you return.

Other Problems

See this page for more tips and troubleshooting information.

2022 Annual Business Meeting

Tuesday, May 17, 2022, 12:30 – 1:00 pm EDT, Talk Room 2

We encourage you to join the VSS Board of Directors for the Annual Business Meeting. During this meeting, the VSS leadership will provide an overview of the Society, including the outlook and priorities for next year’s meeting.

The Business Meeting is an opportunity for VSS members to ask questions of the VSS Board of Directors and bring up issues of concern to the general membership.

You may send questions before the start of the Business Meeting to .

V-VSS Posters: Presentation Rules and Instructions

Poster Presentation Rules

All those who were assigned a virtual poster presentation are required to present their posters live during V-VSS, June 1-2. All those assigned an in-person poster presentation at VSS  (May 13-18) may also choose to present at V-VSS, June 1-2, but are not required to do so.

All poster presenters who have selected a V-VSS presentation time will be assigned a dedicated Video Chat room for presenting their poster. Attendees can enter the Video Chat room at any time during the poster session to chat with the presenter. V-VSS poster presenters are required to be on Video Chat during the entire 2-hour poster session to chat with attendees who may enter their Video Chat room.

Poster Presentation Instructions

All those presenting a poster at V-VSS must do the following:

  • Sign up for ONE (and only one) LIVE presentation slot during one of the six 2-hour poster sessions.
  • Present the poster live during the presentation slot. The first author must be the presenter.

Scheduling poster sessions is now open. V-VSS poster presenters must schedule their poster session by May 29, 2022, or your poster will be withdrawn and your abstract will not be published in JOV.

You may change your scheduled V-VSS Poster Session through May 29.  No changes can be made after that date.

You can schedule your poster presentation at any one of the six available V-VSS Poster Sessions. You “stand” at your virtual poster by being online during your poster session so that attendees can video chat with you. The Video Chat link for your presentation will be available on your V-VSS poster presentation page. The attendees (and you) can use the link to join your video chat.

To Schedule Your Poster into a V-VSS Poster Session

  1. Log in to your MyVSS Account.
  2. Click View My Abstract to go to your poster presentation page.
  3. In the section titled Schedule Your V-VSS Poster Presentation, select the V-VSS Poster Session in which you would like to present and click Schedule.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email of your selection.

For those who are presenting only at V-VSS:  If the first author does not attend V-VSS and present the poster live, the abstract must be withdrawn. See Abstract Withdrawals for more information.

PDFs and Optional Poster Video Tours

Poster PDF (Required) – All poster presenters, whether the presentation is at VSS or V-VSS, must upload a PDF of their poster and may optionally upload video tour. The deadline for uploading materials is May 29, 2022. The PDF must be less than 50MB in size. Attendees will be able to view your PDF on the website or download it to view in a viewer of their choice. Although virtual posters do not have a physical size, for consistency between V-VSS-only and VSS+V-VSS posters, online posters should be in landscape orientation with an aspect ratio with a width ~double the height.

Poster Video (Optional) – You may optionally upload a video tour of your poster in MP4 format, not to exceed 6 minutes in length and 2GB in size. Any graphical elements shown in your video must also be on your uploaded poster; you may rearrange these for clarity in your video. In addition, graphical elements in your video may be animated versions of those on your poster.

The uploaded video can be at any resolution, but a resolution of HD (1280 x 720) will load and play faster than a larger file. We encourage presenters to add closed captions to their videos to maximize accessibility.

Uploading PDFs and Optional Poster Video Tours

To upload your presentation files, log in to your MyVSS account and click View My Abstract. Look for controls (visible only to you, the presenter) to upload each file type.

VSS will not be previewing uploaded content so we advise you to test your presentation files after uploading to ensure they display as expected. You can upload revisions to your presentation files through the upload deadline of May 29, 2022. Uploading a new file will overwrite the existing file; this action cannot be undone.

Video Chat Speaker Instructions

See Video Chat Speaker Instructions for tips, instructions, and troubleshooting information about using video chat.

Suggestions for Creating Effective Posters

  • Prepare a title banner indicating abstract title, author(s) and affiliation(s). Lettering should be at least one inch high.
  • Minimize narrative.
  • For figures, use dark colors on white or light backgrounds. Figures should be designed to be viewed from a distance (about three feet).
  • Use large type and short separated paragraphs.
  • Do not set entire paragraphs in boldface or capital letters.
  • Numbered or bulleted lists are a concise but effective way to convey a series of points.
  • It is not necessary to post a copy of your abstract.

V-VSS Talks: Presentation Rules and Instructions

Presentation Rules

First authors are required to register for V-VSS and present their talk in their assigned session during V-VSS, June 1-2. VSS policy holds that if the first author is unable to attend the meeting, the abstract must be withdrawn. See Abstract Withdrawals for more information.

Presentation Instructions

V-VSS talks will be presented through Zoom Webinar. All talks for V-VSS will be presented live; no pre-recorded talks will be permitted.

Each talk is twelve minutes followed by a three-minute discussion period.

Prior to Your Talk

Thirty minutes before your presentation time, you will join VSS staff and moderators at your talk’s Zoom link. This will allow us to check audio, check playback of your video, and do other troubleshooting.

During your Talk

The Session Moderator will introduce you. At this time, you will turn on your video and share your screen. After the conclusion of the talk, the Session Moderator will read questions from the Q&A window.

Friends and Family Pass

The Friends & Family Pass allows your family to enjoy our many fun VSS social events. For $60.00, your travel companion can attend the Opening Night Reception and the Demo Night Beach BBQ, as well as enjoy all Coffee/Snack Breaks and the Daily Continental Breakfast! Passes are only $60.00 for each adult guest and $20.00 for children ages 6 through 12. Children under the age of 6 are free. All fees are in US Dollars. To purchase a Friends & Family Pass, please visit the VSS Registration Desk onsite. Friends and Family Passes are non-refundable.

Passes are required for entrance to all social events and meals, including the Friday evening Welcome Reception.

Note: The Friends & Family Pass does not cover entrance to the scientific sessions. For a guest pass to a scientific session, please inquire at the VSS Registration Desk.

Student-Postdoc Advisory Committee (SPC) Applications

The Vision Sciences Society welcomes applications for three vacancies on the VSS Student-Postdoctoral Advisory Committee. Successful applicants will join the three continuing members of the current VSS Student-Postdoctoral Advisory Committee (SPC).

The mandate of the SPC is to share ideas and proposals about how VSS events, workshops, meeting structure and activities can best meet the needs of trainee members and early career researchers. The SPC participates in the design and operation of VSS events and workshops that are relevant to the needs and interests of early career researchers. Serving on the SPC, as well as facilitating or leading any resulting activities, are also useful professional experiences for engaged trainees.

In past years, SPC members contributed to VSS by designing and operating conference events directed to our trainees and early career researchers. They also provided valuable advice and perspectives to the VSS board about aspects of the conference and the organization that are relevant to these members. Members of the SPC meet both independently and with VSS board members. See https://www.visionsciences.org/2021-open-science-symposium/ for a description of an event led by SPC at V-VSS 2021

Membership is for a period of one year, beginning on the first day of the Annual Meeting, with the opportunity for appointment to a second year.

VSS wants to send its appreciation to the current board for their outstanding service in 2021/2022: Stacey Aston, Doug Addleman, Cristina Ceja, Sabrina Hansmann-Roth, Björn Jörges, and Takuma Morimoto (see https://www.visionsciences.org/spc/ ).

VSS welcomes and actively seeks applications from students and postdoctoral members whose research spans the range of areas represented in the organization, and who reflect the global diversity and aspirations of the VSS membership.

Application Procedure

Those interested in becoming members of the VSS Student-Postdoctoral Advisory Committee should send the following information in a single PDF file:

  1. A one-page personal statement. This statement should summarize your reasons for wanting to serve on the SPC, any prior experience, or any aspects of your background that you feel is relevant to serving on the SPC
  2. List of previous VSS conferences attended
  3. Statement of intention to attend the VSS conference in 2022 and 2023 as a student/postdoc VSS member, as well as a statement that the applicant expects to retain status as either a student or postdoc for the 12 months following the 2022 conference
  4. Names and contact information of two individuals who could provide letters of support for the nomination
  5. Current CV, including current affiliation and contact information.

Application materials should be emailed to by March 11, 2022.

Those who applied to the SPC last year are encouraged to resubmit this year if you are still a student or postdoctoral VSS member.

Nominations Accepted: February 16, 2022
Nominations Close: March 11, 2022
Recipients Announced: April 15, 2022

Hotel FAQ

How do I book a room at the TradeWinds?
To book a room at the TradeWinds, follow the link on the Accommodations page or call (800) 808-9833. Be sure to enter or state group code “VSS22”.

Does the TradeWinds require a deposit to book a reservation?
Yes, a one-night room and tax guarantee is required to secure your room.

Is the hotel deposit refundable if I have to cancel my room reservation?
Yes, your hotel deposit is fully refundable until 72 hours prior to arrival.

Is there a waiting list if the hotel is sold out?
VSS does maintain a waiting list and if rooms become available, people on the waiting list will be contacted in order they were added to the waiting list. Contact VSS to be placed on the waiting list.

Is there a resort fee at the TradeWinds?
The TradeWinds typically charges a $49 resort fee per night, but this fee is waived for VSS attendees booking through the VSS web link. To see what is included, see TradeWinds’ Resort Amenity Fee.

What if I find a better rate for the TradeWinds on a 3rd party site?
VSS has done its due diligence to negotiate the lowest possible group rate at the TradeWinds. If you find a lower price during them meeting dates, please contact VSS. Keep in mind, if you book a room through a wholesaler like hotels.com, the TradeWinds will NOT waive your resort fee.

What are the contractual obligations with the TradeWinds?
VSS is contractually bound to fill a certain number of guest rooms (this is called a room block) during the annual meeting. By guaranteeing these rooms, VSS receives complimentary meeting space and reduced food and beverage pricing. This ultimately helps keep registration rates down.

What happens if VSS does not meet the contractual obligations?
VSS will be charged an attrition fee if we do not meet 85% of our room block and if unused rooms remain unsold prior to the meeting.
Groups like ours often book three or more years in advance to secure enough hotel rooms for meeting attendees. Attrition fees are compensation to the hotel for the rooms that might have been sold had they not been held in our room block inventory. Attrition fees are a standard practice in the United States.

Meeting Attendance Survey

To all members of VSS,

Plans are well underway for VSS 2022! We need some input from you to make the meeting a success for all.

The link below will lead you to a very brief survey asking about your plans for attendance at VSS 2022. Even if you are uncertain, please let us know about your current plans.

Your responses will be most useful if sent by Wednesday, November 24.

Take Survey

Thanks to all!
The VSS Board of Directors

2021 Satellite Events

2021 Satellite Events

An introduction to TELLab – The Experiential Learning LABoratory, a web-based platform for educators

An introduction to TELLab 2.0 – A new-and-improved version of The Experiential Learning LABoratory, a webbased platform for educators

Canadian Vision Science Social

Measuring and Maximizing Eye Tracking Data Quality with EyeLinks

Mentoring Envisioned

New Tools for Conducting Eye Tracking Research

Performing Eye Tracking Studies in VR

phiVIS: Philosophy of Vision Science Workshop

Reunion: Visual Neuroscience From Spikes to Awareness

Run MATLAB/Psychtoolbox Experiments Online with
Pack & Go

Teaching Vision

Virtual VPixx Hardware with the LabMaestro Simulator

Visibility: A Gathering of LGBTQ+ Vision Scientists and

Vision Sciences Society