Abstract Withdrawal

To withdraw an abstract prior to the meeting, the first author must send an email to . If you encounter a problem at the meeting that prevents the first author from presenting, you must call Shawna Lampkin at 916-600-4961 or see someone at the Registration Desk. You can reach the Registration Desk by calling 727.367.6461 extension 7814, or dialing 7814 from a house phone.

Under exceptional, unavoidable circumstances, the VSS Board of Directors will consider a co-author replacement for a presentation. To request such a special substitution, a clear explanation must be given in writing in advance (send such requests to . If an author substitution is approved, the first author must still pay the registration fee.

Abstracts withdrawn or not presented at the meeting will not be published in the proceedings or in the Journal of Vision.

Authors who fail to present their poster or give their talk without withdrawing their abstract will forfeit the right to present the following year.