Attending V-VSS

This page provides information to help you attend the virtual version of VSS (V-VSS).

Attending a Session

All presentations at V-VSS are presented and attended virtually. All sessions, except posters, are presented live (not pre-recorded) via Zoom webinar. Posters are “visited” via a dedicated Video Chat room.

To join a Zoom webinar, click the “Join Zoom Session” link on the page of the session you wish to attend, or click “Join Zoom” on the V-VSS Schedule of Events. To join a poster presentation, click the “Join Video Chat” button on the poster’s presentation page.

You must be logged in to your MyVSS Account and be a registered attendee of VSS or V-VSS to access the Zoom or Video Chat links.

Finding Presentations

V-VSS sessions are listed on the V-VSS drop-down menu and on the V-VSS Schedule of Events. Two Symposium Sessions and eight Talk Sessions are being presented at V-VSS. Don’t miss the Keynote Lecture by Geoffrey Hinton and the many Workshops, Satellites, and Student events.

Six Poster Sessions are scheduled for various times of the day to accommodate attendees in various time zones. See more information about Poster Sessions below.

Searching for Presentations

You can find Talk presentations and Poster presentations using the Search Abstracts page. Search lets you find abstracts by searching for words in the abstract Title, Authors, Affiliations, Abstract Text, or Topic Area.

Building Your Itinerary

When you find a session, talk, or poster you are interested in, you can bookmark it to add it to your personal Itinerary. Simply click the bookmark icon next to the session or poster title to add it (or remove it) from your itinerary.

Bookmarked items appear in chronological order on your My V-VSS Itinerary page.

Poster Presentations

VSS and V-VSS poster presenters have uploaded a PDF of their poster for you to view. Poster presenters had the option of also uploading a short video describing their poster. Navigate to a poster presentation page and look for the “View PDF” and “Play Video” links.

All V-VSS poster presenters and many VSS posters will be available to talk with you about their poster via a Video Chat room. Each poster has its own video chat room. To join video chat, click the “Join Video Chat” link on the poster presentation page. A pop-up video window will allow you to see, talk to, and chat with the poster presenter and other attendees in the chat room.

Poster presenters will be online during the entire two-hour poster session. As an attendee, you are free to join any poster video chat rooms that you are interested in. It’s a good idea to have viewed the poster PDF beforehand so you are familiar with the poster.

In addition to Video Chat, most first authors have included their email in their abstract (following their name) as an alternate way to contact them about their abstract.

Coffee Breaks

Between the talk and poster sessions we’ve scheduled some Coffee Breaks so you can get together with friends and colleagues to talk vision science. Click the “” link on the Schedule of Events (available only to VSS and V-VSS registrants) to go to the V-VSS meeting space in You can walk around in and run into people to talk to.

Post-Meeting Access to Presentations

VSS and V-VSS presentations are recorded and can be viewed after the meeting through September 30, 2022. Registered attendees of VSS and V-VSS have access to both VSS and V-VSS recorded presentations.

VSS Zoom Recordings are available on the website now. Look for the “Play Zoom Recording” link on the session page. V-VSS zoom recordings will be available a few days after V-VSS concludes.