Symposium Submission Guidelines

VSS is seeking proposals for symposia to be presented at the VSS 2024 Annual Meeting, which begins Friday, May 17, 2024. VSS 2024 will be a fully in-person meeting with no virtual components. Four to six symposia will be scheduled, each in a two-hour time slot.

Symposia can be organized along the lines of content or methodology, but in every case talks within a symposium should focus on broader conceptual themes than a typical VSS presentation.

Proposals are evaluated by the VSS Board of Directors based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific merit
  • Theoretical and/or methodological innovation
  • Timeliness
  • Breadth and appeal to a substantial number of VSS attendees
  • Lack of overlap with the regular program and recent symposia
  • Diversity of the speakers

Symposium Format

The recommended format is four to six talks. Talk time and Q&A time can be scheduled within the 2-hour session according to the organizers’ discretion (e.g., after individual talks, concentrated at the end of a session, or a mixture of the two approaches). Other formats will be considered, but proposals for other formats should include a clear rationale. Symposia often benefit from a diversity of perspectives and institutional affiliations. Proposals from young investigators are encouraged.

Symposium Information

The symposium is submitted using a multi-page form that includes information describing the symposium and the talks in the symposium. A symposium may have a maximum of three organizers. A minimum of four talks is required; up to six talks are allowed. Talks must be entered in the order they will be presented. It is best to collect information about the individual talks from their authors before you start the submission process.

As the symposium organizer, you must have prior approval from your talk presenters they consent to participate in this symposium (and no other symposium), and to register and attend VSS 2024 in person to present their talk. The organizer must also agree to the Symposium Policies and disclose any Conflicts of Interest.

Required symposium information:

  • Symposium title.
  • Brief description of the symposium (maximum 100 words). Appears on the symposium overview page.
  • Full description of the symposium (maximum 500 words). Appears on the symposium detail page.
  • Estimated attendance.
  • Name, affiliation, and contact information for the organizers (maximum 3 organizers).
  • Acknowledgements (optional).

Required information for each talk:

  • Talk title.
  • Talk abstract (maximum 250 words).
  • Author names and affiliations.
  • Email and country of citizenship of the talk presenter (first author).
  • The presenter must agree to an Ethics statement and disclose any Conflicts of Interest.

Organizer and Speaker Requirements

The symposium organizers (maximum of three) must be current VSS members (for 2024), but invited speakers are not required to be VSS members. All speakers are required to register for the meeting. Submitting a symposium proposal or speaking in a symposium does not prevent organizers or speakers from submitting an abstract for a talk or poster presentation at VSS. An individual may participate as organizer or speaker in only one symposium. The symposium organizer(s) may be a speaker in the symposium.

Organizers must ensure that all speakers are committed to participating in the symposium before submitting a proposal, and organizers must also ensure that speakers have not agreed to participate in more than one symposium. If a symposium talk has more than one author, it must be presented by the first author. For each speaker, please provide up to three references to published articles relevant to the proposed talk.

Per the VSS Disclosure of Conflicts of Interest Policy, speakers must reveal any commercial interests or other potential conflicts of interest that they have related to the work described. Any conflicts of interest must be declared on your title slide.

While preparing submissions, organizers are encouraged to use a checklist to ensure that their proposals meet the requirements.

Symposium Review

Proposals are evaluated by the VSS Board of Directors. In addition to considering the VSS 2024 focus outlined above, our criteria include scientific merit, timeliness, theoretical innovation and breadth, methodological innovation, lack of overlap with the regular program and recent symposia, and diversity of the speakers.

Submission Schedule

Submissions Open: October 12, 2023
Submissions Close: November 09, 2023
Notification of Accepted Symposia: November 20, 2023

Submitting a Symposium

Symposium Submissions for VSS 2024 have Closed.

For questions about Symposium Submissions, please contact us at .