The Dichopter

Poster Presentation: Tuesday, May 21, 2024, 2:45 – 6:45 pm, Pavilion
Session: Binocular Vision: Disparity, stereopsis and suppression

Kenneth Brecher1 (); 1Boston University

The Dichopter® is a viewing device designed to aid the viewer in simultaneously or sequentially seeing pairs of images displayed on a smartphone screen. The Dichopter consists of two 100 mm focal length plano-convex lenses mounted in a foldable bracket with an effective septum that blocks cross talk between the eyes. It can be used to view 3D pairs of images displayed in parallel (SBS) format on a smartphone screen. These can be taken from the Web or any other source or be created by the user by shooting two images using the "cha-cha" technique with a single smartphone. The images pairs can then be combined for visual display by using software such as "i3DSteroid." The word "Dichopter" was created to distinguish this device from binoculars, stereoscopes, synopters and other two eyed viewing devices. The current version of the viewer is based on over a decade of development by the author. It is being manufactured by the Korean optics company (MOCOM) by modifying its existing short focal length (5 cm) VR viewer. The image pairs displayed can be of many kinds: they can be of the same image (synoptic view); or they can be two different ones leading to the perception of depth (stereo pairs); or two different images with neither one containing sufficient information to form a single image (e.g., controllable random dot stereograms); or two different color images leading to the percept of another color (e.g., red to one eye, green to the other possibly leading to the percept of yellow); or images presented separately in time; and many other possible pair combinations. A web site has been developed allowing for all these possible uses: