Scene Perception: Miscellaneous

Poster Session: Saturday, May 18, 2024, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Banyan Breezeway

Poster Title

First Author

‘Attentional transplants’ cause recipients to like images similarly to donors: Evidence for inter-observer commonalities in how attention drives preferences

Nguyen, Hong B

Excessive noise explains the impaired visually-guided navigation abilities in adults with Williams syndrome: a computational approach

Shapiro, Zvi

Encounters with semantic violations do not interfere with immediately subsequent scene-viewing behavior

Lu, Alan

Image characteristics, not task, influence interobserver consistency

Heer, Sophie

Tracking the Developmental Trajectories of Semantic and Syntactic Aspects of Visual Cognition in Children

Türk, Dilara Deniz

Lexical Access to Scene Function Relies on Anchor Object Presence

Müller Karoza, Lea Alexandra

Are you seeing this? An investigation into the variability of mental imagery and propensity of aphantasia in a non-self-diagnosed population

Folds, Patsy E.

Examining the retinotopic organization of the visual hierarchy in autistic and neurotypical individuals

Choi, Yeo Bi

Peripheral visual information is necessary for visually-guided navigation

Rennert, Rebecca

Bridging perspectives: a foundational dataset for the empirical aesthetics of bridge design

Yang, Mei

Unveiling core, interpretable image properties underlying model-brain similarity with generative models

Rong, Yingqi

Information Redundancy Facilitates Efficient Visual Processing

Chiu, Kaiki

Limited Scene Understanding and Altered Eye Movements With Simulated Central and Peripheral Vision Loss

Johnson, Byron A.