Scene Perception: Virtual environments, intuitive physics

Poster Session: Sunday, May 19, 2024, 2:45 – 6:45 pm, Banyan Breezeway

Poster Title

First Author

Scene semantic and gaze effects on allocentric coding in naturalistic (virtual) environments

Baltaretu, Bianca

No effect of reducing visual realism on motion sickness in virtual reality

Saunders, Jeffrey

Learning or doing? Visual recognition of epistemic vs. pragmatic intent

Croom, Sholei

Velocity– not Perceived as such: The Role of Perceived Mass on Motion Estimation

Deeb, Abdul-Rahim

Can people determine object distance from its visual size and position in a correctly scaled 2D scene displayed on a large screen with aligned ground plane?

Kim, Jong-Jin

From the flow of liquids to the flow of time: Granularity of spontaneous liquid flow predictions in visual perception impacts experienced time

Zhang, Yuting

Perceiving animacy through schematic intuitive physics: Shared conceptual structure of animacy between vision and language

Tang, Ning

Testing mental computations of center of mass using real-world stability judgments

Bucci-Mansilla, Giuliana

Predictive processing of upcoming scene views in immersive environments: evidence from continuous flash suppression

Mynick, Anna

FlyingObjects: Testing and aligning humans and machines in gamified object vision tasks

Peters, Benjamin

Find the Orange: How rich and accurate is the visual percept that guides action?

Zoroufi, Aryan

Social and Perceptual Attributions Derived from Moving Shapes: A Language Model Analysis

Grossman, Emily D

Enhancing wayfinding in simulated prosthetic vision through semantic segmentation and rastering

LeVier, Tori N.

Visual Cues in Nonvisual Cooking: Assessing the Role of Tactile and AI-Assisted Technologies

Turkstra, Lily M.