Face and Body Perception: Social cognition

Poster Session: Wednesday, May 22, 2024, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Pavilion

Poster Title

First Author

Picture a Scientist: Classification Images of Scientists are seen as White, Male, and Socially Inept

Shakil, Maheen

Gaze allocation towards contextual information predicts performance in a dynamic emotion perception task

Ortega, Jefferson

Unveiling Mental Self-Images from Face Perception and Memory

De, Arijit

Visualizing Face Representations after Adaptation


Facial expressions of apology comprise complex social signals

Wu, Yichen

A crowd amplification effect in the perception of social status

Myat, Phyu Sin

Social Interactions cause Spatial Distortions in Visual Memory, not Perception

Vestner, Tim

Continued preference for reversed images of self

Huang, Jessica

Don’t Look at the Camera: Achieving eye contact in video conferencing platforms

Jayakumar, Samyukta

Who you lookin' at? Perception of gaze direction in group settings depends on naturalness of gaze behavior and clutter

Rosenholtz, Ruth

Inferential Trustworthiness Tracking Reveals Fast Context-Based Trustworthiness Perception

Fang, Yifan

"I felt successful!" Assessing autistic adolescent game usability from randomized control trial to improve sensitivity to eye-gaze cues

Muhammad, Sumaiya

Examining effectiveness of a randomized controlled trial to enhance understanding of eye gaze cues in autism: Incorporating an active control game in SAGA

Mattern, Hunter