Eye Movements: Perception, cognition and memory

Poster Session: Wednesday, May 22, 2024, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Banyan Breezeway

Poster Title

First Author

Openness to Experience predicts eye movement behavior during scene viewing

Wyche, Nicholas

Auditory and visual working memory loads reduce fixation spread during free scene-viewing

Makishima, Kaito

Did you look at the moose? Driver gaze behaviour while searching for hazards in dynamic road scenes

Song, Jiali

The Impact of Fandom on Image Viewing

Hill, Stevie Ann

A functional role of visual working memory-related saccade biases?

Polgári, Patrik

The efficiency of visual processing adapts to the "vigor" of eye movements: From what breaks through into awareness to the speed of meaning extraction

Ongchoco, Joan Danielle K.

Idiosyncratic Fixation Patterns generalize across Dynamic and Static Facial Expression Recognition

Paparelli, Anita

Transsaccadic feature memory performance asymmetries in visual field and saccade direction

Parker, Jessica L.

Inhibition of return depends on image category

Thomas, Tobias

Similarity of Memory Representations Modulate Saccade Curvatures

Forouzandehfar, Golnaz

Successful biasing of attention reveals covert information extraction contributes to saccade timing variability within and across individuals.

Ringer, Ryan V

Eye metrics inform states of trust and cooperation during human-agent collaboration

Ries, Anthony J.

What are you looking at? The neural basis of eye movement guidance to objects

Ghuman, Avniel

Healthy older adults have inefficient strategies for tasks requiring sequential movements

Ma-Wyatt, Anna