Eye Movements: Natural world and VR

Poster Session: Tuesday, May 21, 2024, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Pavilion

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First Author

Where do people look when they walk or run at different speeds?

Brenner, Eli

When you are not alone: looking at steps when someone is on the staircase in front of you

Ghiani, Andrea

Assimilation of optic flow in saccadic eye movements

Guo, Hongyi

The Blanking Effect on Detecting Changes in Natural Scenes across Saccades

Ferreira, Jake

Bringing color into focus: accommodative state varies systematically with the spectral content of light

Chin, Benjamin M

SPHEER: a rich dataset of time-resolved gaze and head movements in virtual reality

David, Erwan

Control of head-eye fixation in natural tasks

Lin, Ruitao

EasyEyes — Validating a novel method for accurate fixation in online vision testing

Pombo, Maria

Free-viewing of static natural images and movies in marmoset monkeys.

Mohan, Oviya

Eye Movements during Free Viewing to Maximize Scene Understanding

Murlidaran, Shravan

Generalizing fixation predictions within and across datasets: towards a universal model of free-viewing fixations

Kümmerer, Matthias

Gaze sequences during walking in complex terrain

Bonnen, Kathryn

Impact of Flashbangs on Eye-Behavior while Navigating and Performing Visual Search Tasks in Stressful Open-World Environments

Enders, Leah

Effects of Convergence on Binocular and Monocular Perception of Upright in Virtual Reality

Almagati, Reem

Monitoring arousal levels among a warship crew: shift- and time of day-variations of saccadic velocity

Di Stasi, Leandro L.