Visual Memory: Encoding, retrieval

Poster Session: Monday, May 20, 2024, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Banyan Breezeway

Poster Title

First Author

Context as a scaffold and details as bricks: Narrative understanding and updating information

Choi, Jayoon

Statistical Regularities Do Not Facilitate Encoding but Induce Biased Guessing in the Attribute Amnesia Task

Yan, Niya

More effective attentional allocation within visual working memory leads to better subsequent long-term memory performance

Wang, Sisi

Locomotion modulates visual working memory capacity: higher capacity for swing-phase encoding

Phan, Cameron

Persistent resampling of external information despite twenty-five repetitions of the same search templates

Hoogerbrugge, Alex J.

Gaze scan-paths affect recall strategy in context dependent memory.

Mizrachi, Neomi

Where’s Waldo in the mind: Accessing perceptual and semantic attributes in perception and working memory.

Sasin, Edyta

The rise and fall of memories: Temporal dynamics of visual working memory

Sahakian, Andre

Comparing artificial neural network models with varied objectives to probe the role of sensory representation in primate visual memorability

Ahuja, Ram

The temporal dynamics of visual short-term memory retrieval

Ma, Tianye

Forgetting in long-term memory: Recognition does not induce the forgetting of similar objects

Williams, Jamal

Breaking Binding: Interrupting the Consolidation of Some Object Features but not Others

Saffar Tabbassi, Saeideh

Characterizing representational drift via a context-dependent visual working memory task

Yuan, Yixin

Characteristics of sequential learning and memory in non-human primates

Yu, Xuefei

Drawings and words show a recall advantage over object photos

Gilman, Anne