Attention: Tracking, shifting

Poster Session: Monday, May 20, 2024, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Pavilion

Poster Title

First Author

Non-image forming vision as measured through ipRGC-mediated pupil constriction is not modulated by covert visual attention

Vilotijević, Ana

Attentional Effect in Motion-Induced Position Shift

Shams, Mohammad

Examining the influence of cognitive processing orientation on tracking performance using a modified multiple object tracking task

Fu, Mengzhu

Pupillometric imaging reveals the spatiotemporal dynamics of covert attention

Naber, Marnix

Multiple object tracking as a measure of sustained attention and relation with fluid reasoning

Perelmiter, Taryn

Multiple-Object-Tracking Supported by Parvocellular, Magnocellular, and Koniocellular Pathways

Shi, Linan

The reset effect of attention depends on the phase of ongoing attention oscillation


Sometimes more (overlap) is better! Action plan overlap impacts the interference between visually-guided touch and multiple-object tracking (MOT)

Terry, Mallory E.

Macaque monkeys follow gaze cues of human avatars

Aboutorabi, Ehsan

The nature and computation of attentional effort: A peak/end rule integrating over moment-by-moment effort during multiple-object tracking

Belledonne, Mario

The speed of attentional shift is similar for exogenous and endogenous cues within anti-cue tasks

Mohiar, Yara

Attentional Switching in Infants as a Function of Birth Experience: An Eye Movement Study

Kay, Shir