Attention: Spatial selection 1

Poster Session: Sunday, May 19, 2024, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Pavilion


Poster Title 

First Author


Allocation of spatial attention in human visual cortex as a function of endogenous cue validity

Narhi-Martinez, William


Competition shapes spatial coding strategy for selective attention inside visual working memory: insights from gaze and neural measurements

Liu, Baiwei


Effects of head gaze and body position on attention in real-world scenes.

Gottesman, Carmela


Fine-tuning exogenous attention at the foveal scale: effects on different spatial frequencies

Guzhang, Yue


Individual differences in eye movements and perceptual averaging

Hayward, William G.


Preliminary Analysis of the Contrast Response Function and its Modulation by Spatial Attention Using Magnetoencephalography

Sklar, Alfredo


Pupil size during visual search: A measure of the spatial extent of attention

Mueller, Emma


The efficiency of visual processing adapts to the "vigor" of eye movements: From what breaks through into awareness to the speed of meaning extraction

Ongchoco, Joan Danielle K.


The impact of predicted and unpredicted events on the spatial priority map: evidence from multivariate pattern analyses in EEG

de Waard, Jasper


The influence of attention on visual asymmetries in the foveola

Jenks, Samantha K.


Unravelling the interplay of Statistical Learning, Top-Down, and Bottom-Up Mechanisms during target selection: Insights from Behavioural and EEG Experiments

Dolci, Carola