Attention: Capture

Poster Session: Saturday, May 18, 2024, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Pavilion

Poster Title

First Author

Neural evidence for attentional capture by salient distractors

Lin, Rongqi

The Role of Spatial Reference Frame in Implicit Distractor Location Learning

Chen, Litian

Cues improve visual working memory but fail to counteract the effects of salience

Constant, Martin

From attention capture to social coordination: “Abrupt onset” rallies joint planning

Cheng, Shaozhe

Memory-based attentional capture is one-shot

Kerzel, Dirk

On the timing of overt attention deployment: Eye-movement evidence for the Priority Accumulation Framework

Sasi, Mor

Object Stability, Attention, and Temporal Order Judgments

Yucer, Ece

Tracking the temporal dynamics of statistically learned distractor suppression using SSVEP’s

Duncan, Dock H.

Attentional control through colour-location associations induces contingent capture

Joubran, Samantha

Assessing Connectivity Between Brain Regions During Object Category-Tuned Attention and Spatial Distraction

Okojie, Ehi

Beyond Distraction: Exploring the Conditions of Task-Irrelevant Feature Reinstatement and Working Memory-Based Capture during Visual Search

Kespe, Jessica

Do physical effort and electrical stimulations similarly affect attentional capture?

Grégoire, Laurent

Experience-dependent distractor rejection occurs rapidly but is difficult measure

Savelson, Isaac

Does anticipated effort modulate attentional biases for aversively conditioned stimuli?

McKinney, Molly

Does contingent capture occur in driving scenes?

Eng, Rachel A.