Object Recognition: Neural mechanisms

Poster Session: Sunday, May 19, 2024, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Pavilion

Poster Title

First Author

Disentangling the unique contribution of human retinotopic regions using neural control

Gifford, Alessandro T.

Aging delays the formation of object representations

Haupt, Marleen

An Early and Distinct Visual-Semantic Representation in Object Processing

Grosbard, Idan Daniel

Testing the Possible Origins of Category Selectivity in the Brain with DNN Models

Zheng, Bowen

Reliability of functional localization and activation profiles of category-selective regions using fMRI

Cheung, Olivia S.

Network mechanisms of ongoing brain activity’s influence on conscious visual perception

Wu, Yuan-hao

Reassessing the Food Selective Component in Human Visual Cortex

Fang, Cyn

Diverse visual feature selectivity is enabled through inhibitory feature surrounds in deep neural network models

Hamblin, Christopher

Behavioral detectability of optogenetic stimulation of inferotemporal cortex predicts the magnitude of stimulation-induced perceptual events

Shahbazi, Elia

Conservation of cortical crowding distance in human V4: A replication and extension

Kurzawski, Jan W.

Object size and depth representations in human visual cortex

Ran, Mengxin

Behavioral detectability of electrical stimulation of inferior temporal neurons is easier in the presence of their preferred visual stimuli

Azadi, Reza

Cortical dynamics of material and shape perception across illumination and viewpoint

Schmid, Alexandra C.