Color, Light and Materials: Neural mechanisms, models, disorders

Poster Session: Sunday, May 19, 2024, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Banyan Breezeway

Poster Title

First Author

Mechanism of positive color afterimage caused by dichoptical presented contours

Yang, Tan-Ni

Alterations in resting-state functional connectivity in Charles Bonnet Syndrome

Kinakool, Aysha N.

A Recipe for a 4+ Primaries DLP Projector

Fraser, Lindsey

Signals from S-cone-driven Single-Opponent Neurons in the Human Visual Cortex

Qiao, Songlin

Consequences of fixational eye movements for chromatic sensitivity

Neverodska, Alina

A blue-light absorbing lens improves visual function under bright light conditions in pseudophakic patients

Harth, Jacob B.

Parvo versus magno isoluminance

Sperling, George

Image statistics of melanopsin-mediated signals

Barrionuevo, Pablo

Effect or artifact? Assessing the stability of comparison-based scales

Künstle, David-Elias

Color categories in color anomalous trichromats and dichromats

Martin, Aimee

Alternating orientation of the chromatic pattern visual evoked potential improves signal, even in the absence of contrast adaptation.

Ara, Jawshan

Unveiling the temporal dynamics of diurnal and crepuscular illumination

Yu, Cehao

Evaluation of novel tablet-based color vision tests

Arthur, Christabel

Chromatic center-surround antagonism revealed by the Westheimer paradigm

Wu, Christopher S

Synesthetic Color Mapping of Chinese Characters and Kanji: Comparative Analysis among Grapheme-Color Synesthetes in Taiwan and Japan

Yang, Chien-Chun

Deep learning models for lightness constancy can exploit both natural lighting cues and rendering artifacts.

Flachot, Alban

Psychophysical measure of the impact of healthy aging on rods and cones of the retina

Rodrigue, Geneviève

Biomimetic-inspired resilient learning: Impact of progressive chromatic variations on the face recognition performance

Munshi, Joydeep