Visual Search: Neural mechanisms, clinical, applied

Poster Session: Monday, May 20, 2024, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Pavilion

Poster Title

First Author

Assessing Functional Vision in Cerebral Visual Impairment with Wearable Eye Tracking

Heynen, Madeleine

Advantages and disadvantages of sequential vs. simultaneous search in simulated breast cancer screening

Hong, Injae

Assessing Visuomotor Abilities in Cerebral Visual Impairment with Eye and Hand Tracking

Merabet, Lotfi

Your dermatology office visit: The effects of target visibility, target-distractor similarity, satisfaction of search, and time pressure on a visual search for cancerous moles

Moore, Katherine S

Complex trade-offs in a dual-target visual search task are indexed by the N2pc component

Henare, Dion

A Comparative Analysis of the Use of Computer-aided Detection Systems with Mock Digital Breast Tomosynthesis Sets

Sabo, Katharine E

Neural Responses to Natural Versus AI-generated Affective Images

Chen, Yujun

Decoding the process of matching attended items to target templates during visual search

Yu, Xinger

Reduced distractor filtering with age: Evidence from the distractor positivity ERP

Torres, Rosa E.

The effect of background complexity and variability on visual search in video conferencing displays

Semizer, Yelda

Cue-guided search facilitates attentional selection: Evidence from an EEG study

Han, Sizhu

Differential EEG Markers of Selective Attention and Feature Binding in Visual Search

Ip, Jessica

Activation profiles across neural feature dimension maps guide attention during visual search

Thayer, Daniel D.

Saccadic Latency Differences Between C-Section and Vaginally-Delivered Infants and Adults in a Visual Search Task

Adler, Scott