Visual Search: Attention, phenomena 1

Poster Session: Saturday, May 18, 2024, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Pavilion

Poster Title

First Author

What, where, when did I find this? Associative learning in hybrid search.

Wiegand, Iris

Training on a difficult search task improves untrained easier search as well

Hulleman, Johan

Proportion of color proportionally influences search guidance for color conjunctions and real-world objects

Goetz, Jessica N.

Manipulating Processing Biases to Mitigate the Low Prevalence Effect

Celani, Robin

Searching for the alerting effect: the optimal SOA is longer in compound – than in simple – search tasks.

Jankovic, Nadja

Searching for Interactive People: Visual Search Asymmetry in Dynamic Dyads

Wu, Jinglan

Location cueing from color distributions

Blondé, Philippe

Language experience may modulate attentional disengagement to scene grammar inconsistencies during free-viewing

Vingron, Naomi

We Need an Ontology of Visual Search Tasks

Racioppo, Keith

What makes an optimal visual searcher? Insights from post-trial memory probes

Zhang, Tianyu

Where you attend is where you click: Attention guides selection actions in visual foraging with conjunction objects

Tünnermann, Jan

Estimating capacity limitations in ensemble averaging using set size manipulations and individual differences in search performance

Starling, Laramie

The Target Prevalence Effect is Mitigated by Less Resource Demanding Stimuli

Eich, Brandon

Top-down instructions influence the attentional weight on color and shape dimensions during redundant search

Gong, Zixu