Visual Search: Attention, phenomena 2

Poster Session: Tuesday, May 21, 2024, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, Pavilion

Poster Title

First Author

A common feature improves guidance efficiency during hybrid search

Wei, Dengxinyi

Dissociating parallel versus serial mechanisms responsible for the inefficiency of conjunction search - a goliath task!

Nako, Rebecca

Comparing apples to oranges to bananas: A big data approach to understanding the joint influences of stimulus properties, trial history, and individual differences

Siqi-Liu, Audrey

Differential effects of learned and cued feature-based attention on visual search slopes

Addleman, Douglas

Implicit associations between target locations and average stimuli sizes

Choi, Jeunghwan

Confidence in a visual search task depends on target visibility

Schütz, Alexander C.

Cross-Cultural Variations in Visual Search: Exploring Attention Deployment Strategies and Novel Priming on Search Asymmetry

Ueda, Yoshiyuki

Foraging in the Wild: Does Target Density Guide Search in Interactive LEGO-Based Foraging?

Sauter, Marian

Cognitive relevance is not enough to facilitate search when a distractor becomes a target.

Aivar, M Pilar

Dissecting the mistake: Investigating separable motor and cognitive processes of post-error slowing

Malykke, Sarah B.

Interplay of Explicit Knowledge and Motivational Factors in the Use of Attentional Control Strategy

Siesel, Mackenzie J.

Brief adaptation leads to faster reaction times in a face search task

Shareef, Idris

Exploring Dynamics of Attention in a Virtual Reality Foraging Task: Effects of Target Similarity, Inter-Target Spacing, and Time Pressure

Madison, Anna