Action: Reach, grasp, track

Poster Session: Sunday, May 19, 2024, 2:45 – 6:45 pm, Pavilion

Poster Title

First Author

Virtual Reality, real information for action and perception? A VR study.

Foglino, Caterina

Visual uncertainty about target and cursor in a continuous psychophysics task differently affect tracking performance

Straub, Dominik

Bayesian inference of perceptual uncertainty, behavioral costs, and prior beliefs for continuous perception-action tasks

Niehues, Tobias F.

An inhibitory mechanism prevents outdated actions of eye and hand movements

Kuper, Clara

Object center of mass predicts endpoints for free-hand pointing in virtual reality

Schuetz, Immo

Minimal influence of suppressed distractors on reaching movements

Ahn, Shinhae

The benefits of visuo-haptic multisensory integration in actions toward oriented surfaces

Ceccarini, Francesco

Measuring conscious monitoring and metacognition at the start, middle and end of a reaching movement

Oancea, Gabriela

“Automatic” online corrections during a reaching task are associated with individual differences in executive function.

Striemer, Christopher L.

Effects of sensorimotor adaptation on confidence

Fassold, Marissa

Rapid adaptation to acceleration during interceptive hand movements

Kreyenmeier, Philipp

Lighting conditions affect the selection of contact points when grasping complex 3D shapes

Derzsi, Zoltan

Object Affordances through the window of Verb Usage Patterns and Behavior

Vaziri-Pashkam, Maryam