Beyond objects and features: High-level relations in visual perception

Friday, May 13, 2022, 12:00 – 2:00 pm EDT, Talk Room 1 Organizers: Chaz Firestone1, Alon Hafri1; 1Johns Hopkins UniversityPresenters: Alon Hafri, Melissa Le-Hoa Võ, Liuba Papeo, Daniel Kaiser, Hongjing Lu < Back to 2022 Symposia A typical VSS program devotes sections to low-level properties such as motion, orientation, and location; higher-level properties such as […]

2023 Graphics Competition

VSS is seeking outstanding creative visual images for the 2023 meeting. There are two separate graphics competitions: the Website Banner Competition and the T-Shirt Design Competition. The winning image of the Website Banner Competition will also be used for the program covers, onsite signage, PowerPoint slides, bulk emails, printed materials, and other places where needed. […]

Student-Postdoc Advisory Committee

The Student-Postdoc Advisory Committee (SPC) advises the VSS  board and membership about how events, workshops, meeting structure, and activities can best target the needs of trainee members and attendees. The SPC reaches out to trainees to solicit opinions and ideas. Based upon feedback, the Committee organizes special events. Each year VSS will solicit nominations for […]

Past SPC Members

Stacey Aston, Durham University, 2020 – 2022 Kathryn Bonnen, New York University, 2020 – 2021 Cristina R. Ceja, Northwestern University, 2020 – 2022 Björn Jörges, York University, 2020 – 2022 Brendan Ritchie, KU Leuven, 2020 – 2021 Matthew Boring, University of Pittsburgh, 2020 – 2021 Sabrina Hansmann-Roth, Icelandic Vision Lab, 2021 – 2022

Health and Safety Protocols

The Vision Sciences Society strongly encourages attendees of the VSS 2023 meeting to ensure that their COVID-19 vaccinations are up to date prior to the meeting. Attendees are also strongly encouraged to wear masks at the conference, particularly in densely attended settings such as talk sessions and poster halls (especially when not presenting).  VSS may […]

Code of Conduct and Anti-Harrassment Policy

The Vision Sciences Society (VSS) is dedicated to the open exchange of ideas and the freedom of thought and expression. We are committed to running a successful meeting which fosters discussion and camaraderie that celebrates the diversity of the Vision Sciences community. These aims and goals require an environment that recognizes the inherent worth of […]

2022 Annual Business Meeting

We encourage you to join the VSS Board of Directors for the Annual Business Meeting. During this meeting, the VSS leadership will provide an overview of the Society, including the outlook and priorities for next year’s meeting. The Business Meeting is an opportunity for VSS members to ask questions of the VSS Board of Directors […]

2022 Graphics Competition Winners

Each year, VSS solicits its membership to submit creative visual images related to the field of vision science, the Society, or the VSS meeting. There are two competitions, Program Cover and Website Banner Competition and the T-Shirt Design Competition. Winning graphic images are featured on the program, abstracts book, signage, and t-shirts. The Vision Sciences […]

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