How to setup multi-user eye tracking experiments in VR and collect data

Organizers: Matthias Pusch, WorldViz; Andrew Beall, WorldViz WorldViz VR will teach participants how to set up and perform Multi-User eye tracking studies in VR using Python and a GUI based configurator. We will explain drag and drop methods for adding 360 videos and 3D models, and demonstrate analytics methods with associated templates. At the end […]

Canadian Vision Science Social

Organizers: Caitlin Mullin, Vision: Science to Applications (VISTA) | York University; Doug Crawford, Vision: Science to Applications (VISTA) | York University This social event is open to any VSS member who is, knows, or would like to meet a Canadian Vision Scientist! Join us for casual discussions with students and faculty from several Canadian Institutes […]

Data Visualization Micro-Talk Event

Organizers: Jeremy Wilmer, Wellesley College; Sarah Kerns, Wellesley College A whirlwind tour of data visualization insights from VSS members: share a tool, a research result, an effective graph, an ineffective graph. The event features a series of “micro-talks” where speakers give 2-minute presentations.  If you are interested in contributing a micro-talk, please contact Jeremy at […]

Visibility: A Gathering of LGBTQ+ Vision Scientists and Friends

Organizers: Alex White, Barnard College; Michael Grubb, Trinity College LGBTQ students are disproportionately likely to drop out of science early. Potential causes include the lack of visible role models and the absence of a strong community. This social event is one small step towards filling that gap and will bring awareness to continuing challenges for […]

Computational and Mathematical Models in Vision (MODVIS)

Organizers: Jeff Mulligan, Freelance Vision Scientist; Zygmunt Pizlo, UC Irvine, Anne B. Sereno, Purdue University; Qasim Zaidi, SUNY College of Optometry Keynote Selection Committee: Yalda Mohsenzadeh, MIT; Michael Rudd, University of Washington A keynote address will be given by George Sperling, Distinguished Professor, University of California, Irvine. More information about the workshop, including how to register, can be found […]

Undergraduate Meet and Greet

Join other undergraduates as well as graduate students and professors.  Select among several break-out rooms to join to discuss a variety of topics about the conference, career options, or scientific interests.

Undergraduate Meet and Greet

Enjoy free snacks and refreshments while you meet other undergraduates.  We’ll also have a few graduate student and faculty mentors who will be happy to answer any questions about the conference, career options, or scientific interests.

18th Annual Dinner and Demo Night

Beach BBQ: Monday, May 16, 2022, 6:00 – 8:00 pm EDT, Beachside Sun Decks, limited seating in Banyan BreezewayDemos: Monday, May 16, 2022, 7:00 – 10:00 pm EDT, Island Ballroom and Jacaranda Hall Please join us Monday evening for the 18th Annual VSS Dinner and Demo Night, a spectacular night of imaginative demos solicited from […]

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