President's Welcome and Video Tour

Dear VSS,

Welcome to Virtual VSS! I hope everyone is doing as well as possible in this time of COVID-19. Although we can’t come together in person this year, we are excited about hosting our first ever online meeting and the great vision science that will be presented and discussed. The online meeting also provides an opportunity for us to explore tools we can use in the future for extending access to VSS for those who cannot travel, and for reducing our carbon footprint.

Since there are differences between the in-person and online meeting format and experience, I’ve prepared the short video tour below. It will introduce key elements of the meeting program as well as show you some of the ins and outs of navigating the V-VSS website to help you get the most out of your virtual conference experience. I’ve also provided a short overview below.

At the heart of V-VSS is over 900 Recorded Talk and Poster presentations that you can “attend” at any time. Many of the poster presentations are accompanied by recorded video poster tours. As shown in the video tour, you can use the links above to find and bookmark the presentations you’d like to see. Note that because these presentations can be viewed at any time, bookmarks do not have a date and time associated with them.

Many of the presenters have also scheduled Presenter Conferences, times when they will be online to talk informally in person. Each presenter conference has its own link; the video tour shows how to find these and add them to your itinerary. In contrast to bookmarks, your itinerary provides a way for you to develop a personalized program of V-VSS events that happen at specific dates and times.

In addition to the Recorded Talks and Posters, V-VSS features a variety of scheduled events, listed in the Schedule of Events. Note that you can customize the displayed times for your time zone. The customization is specific to your MyVSS Account and will adjust the times when you are logged in to your account.

The V-VSS events include:

Information on how to join each V-VSS event is provided on the page for that event.

Finally, I’d like to acknowledge and thank our Meeting Perfect trio of Shauney Wilson, Shawna Lampkin, and Jeff Wilson for their amazing pivot from preparing for an in person meeting to pulling together a full online meeting on a very short timeline. Shauney and Shawna have become Masters of Zoom, and Jeff developed the custom platform we’re using to host the meeting. It’s due to their talent and hard work that we are able to come together at V-VSS.

I hope you enjoy the meeting, and I look forward to seeing you at V-VSS.

With warm regards,
David Brainard
President, Vision Sciences Society

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