2024 Graphics Competition Winners

Each year, VSS solicits its membership to submit creative visual images related to the field of vision science, the Society, or the VSS meeting. There are two competitions, Website Banner Competition and the T-Shirt Design Competition. Winning graphic images are featured on the program, abstracts book, signage, and t-shirts.

The Vision Sciences Society is pleased to recognize Molly McKinney and Tan-Ni Yang as the winners of the 2024 Graphics Competition.

Website Banner Competition

Winner: Molly McKinney, Texas A&M University

VSS 2024 Banner

Last year’s meeting reminded me of the importance of the Vision Sciences Society. I caught up with dear friends, made new ones, and connected with a team of mentors from all over the world who have adopted me as a mentee and are invested in my future in the society and in academia. I wanted this website banner to reflect what the ocean and our research, outreach, and community mean to me: vast, inspiring, with so much waiting to be explored. And, the eye is text-to-image AI-generated; a little nod to the additional research opportunities ahead for our community.

T-Shirt Design Competition

Winner: Tan-Ni Yang, National Taiwan University

T-shirt Back and Chest Images

The inspiration for the back image design draws from the concept of Rubin’s vase, a bistable figure. Using VSS and the year 2024 as textual elements, along with incorporating eye motifs to establish a direct connection with the key visual issues of this conference. On the other hand, the chest image design takes inspiration from face pareidolia, forming a face using VSS 2024 and the conference date. Both designs predominantly feature black and white colors, alongside the use of gray, a “neutral” color commonly employed in visual studies.