2024 Exhibitors

VPixx Technologies (Gold Sponsor)

Booths 6, 7, 8

VPixx Technologies welcomes the vision science community to VSS 2024.

Over the past 23 years, VPixx has become known for our innovative hardware for vision research.  The PROPixx DLP LED video projector, supporting refresh rates up to 1440Hz, has become the standard for neuroimaging, neurophysiology, and behavioral vision research applications.  The TRACKPixx3 2kHz binocular eye tracker and the DATAPixx3 I/O hub offer microsecond-precise data acquisition synchronized to stimulus presentation.  Our new LabMaestro software is now making these instruments even easier to use!

Visit our booth to see demonstrations of our LabMaestro suite of psychophysics software.  LabMaestro Builder is your intuitive GUI application for designing and running psychophysics experiments in your lab.  LabMaestro Pack&Go is your solution for quickly running psychophysics experiments on remote subject populations.  LabMaestro Simulator emulates VPixx hardware, allowing you to develop and test experiment protocols in the absence of your physical instruments. Visit our booth to discuss your research with our Staff Scientists!

Peter April, Jean-Francois Hamelin, Lindsey Fraser, and Jonathan Tong wish you well.

ANT Neuro (Bronze Sponsor)

ANT Neuro Logo

Booth 2

ANT Neuro is a technology leader in high-density EEG, offering state of the art systems tailored to the demanding requirements of cutting-edge research. ANT’s eego line of EEG devices and new saline-based EEG nets enable efficient collection of high-density EEG data (8 – 256 channels) either at rest or during movement. ANT offers specialized EEG caps for study of neonates and infants.

Our team of EEG and neuromodulation experts is happy to discuss how ANT’s devices can help you achieve your research aims.

Brain Vision LLC (Bronze Sponsor)

Booth 16

Brain Vision LLC is the leading team for EEG in Vision Science. We offer full integration of EEG with many leading eye-tracking and video systems we also provide flexible and robust solutions for both stationary and mobile EEG. All of our systems are available with a variety of electrode types such as saline-sponge nets, active gel, passive, and dry electrodes, which are easily expandable with bio-sensors like GSR, ECG, Respiration, and EMG. Our team is specialized in using EEG with other modalities such as fMRI, fNIRS, MEG, TMS, and tDCS/HDtDCS.

If you want to know how EEG and Vision Science improve each other, please feel free to contact us:
Phone: +1.877.EEG 4 MRI, Email: 

Cambridge Research Systems (Bronze Sponsor)

Booth 12

At Cambridge Research Systems, our reputation is founded on values of scientific rigour and integrity. For over 30 years, our unique range of Tools for Vision Science, Functional Imaging and Clinical Research has been ubiquitous in laboratories throughout the world, and cited in thousands of papers.

Cambridge Research Systems Logo

We design and develop innovative new tools that enable the advancement of science by combining engineering expertise with innovation, cutting edge technology, and ongoing collaboration with our valued academic partners. Our products are market leaders, our people committed and knowledgeable. Our ambition is to continue setting standards in the vision science community, of which we are proud to be a part.

We look forward to seeing you again at VSS! Please call at our booth to see our latest products for visual stimulation, eye tracking, vision assessment, and MRI; or contact .

Exponent (Bronze Sponsor)

Exponent Logo

Booth 14

Exponent In an era of radically-accelerating change, Exponent is the only premium engineering and scientific consulting firm with the depth and breadth of expertise to solve your most profoundly unique, unprecedented, and urgent challenges. Exponent brings together 90+ technical disciplines and 950+ consultants to help our clients navigate the increasing complexity of more than a dozen industries, connecting decades of pioneering work in failure analysis to develop solutions for a safer, healthier, sustainable world.

J.S. Held (Bronze Sponsor)

Booth 5

J.S. Held is a global consulting firm that combines technical, scientific, financial, and strategic expertise to advise clients seeking to realize value and mitigate risk. Our professionals serve as trusted advisors to organizations facing high stakes matters demanding urgent attention, staunch integrity, proven experience, clear-cut analysis, and an understanding of both tangible and intangible assets.

Among myriad other specialized services, we provide product safety and user experience (UX) research across the entire product lifecycle based on five decades of human factors and failure analysis. We are always looking for qualified PhDs, postdocs, and early-career faculty interested in technical consulting.

NIRx Medical Technologies, LLC (Bronze Sponsor)

NIRx Logo

Booth 9

NIRx Medical Technologies, LLC is a leading provider of comprehensive solutions for functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS) research. Our non-invasive and user-friendly fNIRS technology enables the measurement of neural activity in the cortex and large-scale cortical networks, providing insights into the neural mechanisms underlying perception and cognition.

Our complete range of research solutions includes a versatile multimodal hardware platform, advanced online and offline analysis software, expert technical and scientific support, and comprehensive training programs. We are dedicated to supporting fNIRS researchers through our offices in Orlando, New York, and Berlin, Germany.

Whether you’re investigating changes in neural activity during development, researching disorders and their treatments, or exploring new applications in neuroscience, NIRx has the expertise and solutions to help you achieve your research goals. For more information, please contact us at +49 308 1453 5990 (EU), (+1) 321-352-7570 (US/Canada), or email us at .

Psychology Software Tools (Bronze Sponsor)

Psychology Software Tools Logo

Booth 10

Psychology Software Tools – Developers of E-Prime 3.0 stimulus presentation software. E-Prime 3.0 now includes E-Prime Go for remote data collection! Integrate E-Prime with eye tracking, EEG, fMRI and fNIRS with E-Prime Extensions for Tobii Pro, EyeLink, Net Station, Brain Products, fMRI, and NIRx. Use Chronos for millisecond-accurate responses, sound output, and triggers to external devices. Chronos Adapters provide a simple connection to external devices, including Brain Products, ANT Neuro, BIOPAC, BioSemi, Neuroscan, Magstim EGI, NIRx, Zeto, g.tec, and more. PST also provides solutions for fMRI research, such as Fiber Optic and Wireless Response Systems, a NEW Hyperion Projection System, and MRI Simulators with head motion tracking. PST has a 37-year company history with 100,000+ users in 75 countries!

Pupil Labs (Bronze Sponsor)

Booth 11

At Pupil Labs we build eye tracking hardware and software. Our latest eye tracker – Neon – is modular and adapts to your research needs. We have a solution for almost all requirements. Whether you do research with kids, in a quiet lab, climbing a mountain, or venturing into virtual realms.

Neon uses deep learning algorithms to provide you with robust, accurate, and precise gaze and pupil data. Neon performs well in all environments – from complete darkness to direct sunlight. It works with all subjects: age, gender, ethnicity, eye make-up, contact lenses – no problem!

Our technology is open and accessible and seamlessly integrates with your existing toolkit: LSL, PsychoPy, MATLAB, and more. Over the last 10 years, we have developed strong relationships in academic research and have a dedicated team of specialists to help you achieve your research goals.

Come get a hands-on with Neon and meet our team at VSS 2024. Or get in touch with us on Discord or via email .

Rogue Research, Inc. (Bronze Sponsor)

Booths 3 & 4

Rogue Research has been your partner in neuroscience research for over 20 years. As developers of the Brainsight® family of neuronavigation systems for non-invasive brain stimulation, we have helped make transcranial magnetic stimulation more accurate and more reproducible while keeping it simple and effective. 20 years and over 1000 laboratories later, Brainsight® continues to evolve to meet the needs in non-invasive brain stimulation.

Rogue Research Logo

Rogue Research has expanded beyond navigation to develop our own, next-generation, TMS device: Elevate™ TMS. Elevate™ TMS offers control over the pulse shape to ensure more reproducible excitatory or inhibitory effects on the targeted network. While Brainsight® ensures accurate targeting and Elevate™ TMS ensures reliable circuit interaction, Rogue Research is also developing a robotic positioner to ensure that the plan is accurately and efficiently carried out. The unique design ensures accuracy, repeatability and simplicity.

Rogue Research also offers our Brainsight® Vet line of neurosurgical and neuronavigation tools for animal research. Come see our navigated microsurgical robot, which is the most accurate animal stereotaxic system on the market. We also offer custom MRI compatible implants and a line of MRI coils and testing platforms.

SR Research Ltd (Bronze Sponsor)

SR Research Logo

Booth 15

SR Research produces the EyeLink family of high-speed eye trackers and has been enabling scientists to perform cutting-edge research since the early 1990s. EyeLink systems are renowned for their outstanding technical specifications, temporal precision, and superb accuracy. The EyeLink 1000 Plus has the world’s lowest spatial noise and can be used in the laboratory and in EEG/MEG/MRI environments. The EyeLink Portable Duo offers the same high levels of data quality in a small, portable package. SR Research also provides sophisticated experiment delivery and analysis software, and a truly legendary support service.

WorldViz VR (Bronze Sponsor)

Booth 1

For 20 years, WorldViz VR has helped over 1500 universities, businesses and government organizations to conduct leading edge research with Virtual Reality.

Worldviz Logo

Over the years, WorldViz VR has developed Vizard, a python-based platform that enables users to rapidly build 3D virtual reality applications that solve real world business and research challenges.

WorldViz will present SightLab VR, a fully GUI based tool that allows users to collect, review and analyze eye tracking data with support for all the major PC based VR eye tracking devices including HP Reverb Omnicept, Vive Pro Eye, Pupil Labs and Tobii VR. It will allow drag and drop adding of videos and 3D models, and many of the most used analytics methods are included into the provided templates.

Build a scene, run your experiment and review in minutes. Fully expandable and modifiable by using the GUI configurator or python code.

The WorldViz components allow integration of highly targeted VR labs, and we are happy to help customers configure their own labs, tailored to their specific needs.

Zeto (Bronze Sponsor)

Zeto Logo

Booth 13

Zeto, Inc. is transforming the way electroencephalography is done in clinical and research settings. Zeto’s award winning FDA-cleared EEG platform brings the traditional EEG procedure to the 21st century by offering a zero-prep, wireless, easy-to-wear headset with active, dry electrodes that are positioned as per the 10-20 system.

The Zeto headset is backed by a cloud data and software platform, a real-time LSL-based API, and a TTL-based trigger device for ERP studies. Powerful plugin interfaces enable customers to integrate their own applications and analytics for seamless data processing.

The company plans to leverage its platform technology to improve access and quality to medical grade EEG testing and to enable and improve adjacent biomedical research and clinical trials.

Learn more about our research platform: https://zeto-inc.com/eeg-for-research-and-clinical-trials/

Contact us: