Art of Memory Exhibition

Organizers: Wilma Bainbridge, University of Chicago; Trent Davis, University of Chicago

The Brain Bridge Lab will be showing the Art of Memory exhibition throughout this year’s VSS conference! As a part of our research into the relationship between art and memory, we are hosting an art contest where we challenge artists to try to create the most memorable and forgettable artworks! Unlike traditional art contests, the winners are determined solely based on the artwork’s memorability score, or how well they manipulate the memory of the viewer.

There will be several poster boards in the registration lobby filled with the most memorable and forgettable artworks from the Brain Bridge Lab’s art contest! We invite all VSS-goers to view all of the paintings in this pop-up exhibition, where you will have the opportunity to test your memory and win prizes!

We would love for any and all artists among the VSS crowd to enter our contest by April 1st (, for the chance to win cash prizes and have your work displayed at both the Connect Gallery in Chicago and at VSS!