2023 Career Transitions Workshop, Part 2: Where do I go from here? Round Table Discussion

Sunday, May 21, 2023, 8:45 – 9:45 pm, Garden Courtyard

Sponsored by: Females of Vision et al (FoVea)

Organizers: Charisse B. Pickron, University of Minnesota & Diane Beck, University of Illinois

Career transitions are both exciting and scary. Some of the uncertainty regarding a new role, however, can be reduced by talking to others who have made similar transitions. This year VSS-SPC and FoVea together present a two-part ‘Career Transitions Workshop’ on navigating these diverse pathways, with Part 1: Early Career Panel and Part 2: Where do I go from here? Round-Table Discussion. 

Following Part 1, Career Transition Workshop Part 2 will feature a round table discussion with small, facilitator-led groups that cover transition topics for those in early stages (e.g., students/Postdocs) through advanced career stages (e.g., associate/emeritus). We will start the event with introductions from facilitators who have experienced various career transitions including those from Part 1. Some of the transitions Part 2 will cover include: graduate student & postdoc transitions, academia to industry, academia to government/policy/non-profit, and changing institutions, with a particular interest on issues relevant to women and gender-diverse individuals. Participants will have time to choose 1 to 2 discussion groups to join throughout the workshop. Light snacks and drinks will be served during the workshop. 

*It is not necessary to have attended Part 1 to attend Part 2, as both are different formats and attendees can benefit from both events depending on the level of interaction and discussion they would like to have. 

FoVea is a group founded to advance the visibility, impact, and success of women in vision science (www.foveavision.org). We encourage vision scientists of all genders to participate in the workshops.