2012 Student Workshops

VSS Workshop for PhD Students and Post-docs: Publish or Perish?

Sunday, May 13, 1:00 – 2:00 pm, Banyan 1-2

Chair: Jeremy Wolfe
Discussants: Cathleen Moore, Eli Brenner, and Li Zhaoping

Publications are the key to success in science. How important is it to be the first author? Should I go for one big paper or two separate, smaller publications? What is the importance of bibliometric indices like the h-factor? Are the reviewers the enemy or my best friends in the publication process?

These questions will be addressed in a one-hour session headed by Dr. Jeremy Wolfe. Dr. Wolfe will give a brief introduction, which will be followed by audience questions and discussion. Three panel members will participate, who are experienced editors in all fields of vision science.

Jeremy Wolfe

Jeremy Wolfe is the Editor-in-Chief of Attention, Perception & Psychophysics, one of the leading journals in the field of Vision Sciences. He received his undergraduate degree in Psychology from Princeton (’77) and his PhD on binocular single vision from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (’81) where his doctoral advisor was Richard Held. He was on the faculty of MIT until 1991 when he moved to Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School where he is Professor of Ophthalmology. His major areas of current research concern visual attention and its role in visual experience and visual behavior.

Cathleen Moore

University of Iowa

Eli Brenner

Human Movement Sciences
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Li Zhaoping

Computer Science
University College London

VSS Career Event for PhD Students and Post-docs: What’s Next!

Sunday, May 13, 1:00 – 2:00 pm, Acacia 4-6

Chairs: Adriane Seiffert and Jason Droll
Discussants: Ione Fine, George Alvarez, and David Burr

What will be your next step in your life? Will you pursue an academic career as a basic scientist at a university? Or do you plan on working in business? Maybe you want to combine both! And how do you combine your ambition with a partner and a family? Do women have the same opportunities as men?

These burning questions will be addressed in a one hour session with short introductions by Drs. Adriane Seiffert (Vanderbilt) and Jason Droll (MEA Forensic). After these introductions there will be a lively discussion with the audience and a small panel with Ione Fine, David Burr and George Alvarez.

Adriane Seiffert

Adriane Seiffert received her PhD from Harvard (Cavanagh & Nakayama lab). Her research is directed towards understanding how visual information that changes over time is assimilated into mental representations that direct actions. For this special VSS event, she will share candid advice on the issues of entering academia, balancing family and career, and solving the two-body problem.

Jason Droll

Jason Droll received his PhD in Brain and Cognitive Science from the University of Rochester in 2005 and pursued postdoctoral research at UC Santa Barbara through 2008. His research has focused on how task demands influence eye movements and visual attention. Curious to explore alternate career opportunities, he has since worked both at Exponent and MEA Forensic as a scientist in human factors. Often retained as an expert witness for litigation, Jason applies academic principles of vision to answer questions regarding the use of vision during daily tasks such as driving.

Ione Fine

University of Washington

George Alvarez

Harvard University

David Burr

CNR – Institute for Neuroscienc
Pisa, Italy