VSS Diversity and Inclusion Committee

In January 2020, the Vision Sciences Society created a new committee committed to fostering Diversity and Inclusion at VSS and in vision science. At the 2020 V-VSS meeting, the Committee co-organized a Town Hall to listen to the experiences of our community. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is currently exploring a number of initiatives, including:

  • Collection of demographic information to track progress in improving the diversity and inclusiveness of our society
  • Bringing more undergraduates from underrepresented groups to the VSS annual meeting and providing them with mentoring
  • Improving networking opportunities at VSS
  • Funding to support future society initiatives
  • Formalizing processes for reporting any issues that might occur at the meeting, and making transparent existing VSS processes

The Committee currently consists of Ruth Rosenholtz (chair), Eileen Kowler, Rowan Candy, and Anya Hurlbert.