Welcome to V-VSS 2020

We are excited to announce that Virtual VSS (V-VSS 2020) will take place June 19 – 24, 2020. We are committed to transforming this year’s gathering into a virtual experience designed to bring forth the high-quality research you have come to expect at VSS, with opportunities to interact with presenters, all from the safety and comfort of your home or office.  Additional information about the meeting structure will be available here as planning progresses.

V-VSS will feature the following types of presentations: talks, poster PDFs (some with accompanying video tours), and other live events still to be determined.  Some talks will be given in live sessions, and all will be available in recorded form.   All presentations (both talk and poster) have asynchronous chat with the option for presenters to schedule individual live sessions as well.

In addition, following V-VSS, you will be able to access the meeting presentations for 90 days (through October 1).  That means you will not have to choose among presentations that occur at the same time, as you would at the physical meeting.  You may attend any presentation you missed virtually, at your leisure. The virtual meeting will enable more attendees from around the world to attend, including those who have traditionally found it challenging to participate in the meeting.  If you have already paid your membership for this year, you will have access to the virtual meeting.  If you were not planning to attend this year’s meeting, but would like to attend the virtual meeting, you need only join or renew your VSS membership.

See here for announcements related to V-VSS and COVID-19.

Participating in V-VSS


You must be a current VSS member to attend V-VSS. VSS members who have paid their 2020 membership fees may view presentations and participate in other online V-VSS activities without any additional cost.

V-VSS presentations are available for online viewing from June 19 through October 1. Interaction with presenters is available only during the V-VSS meeting, June 19 through June 24.

To view V-VSS presentations, log in to your Log in to your MyVSS Account and click the ‘View V-VSS Presentations’ button.


You must have submitted a VSS 2020 abstract that was accepted to present at V-VSS. Submitters for all accepted VSS 2020 abstracts may present at V-VSS after payment of the presentation fee. All presentations will be uploaded and available for viewing, with asynchronous chat to allow questions and responses. See Presentation Instructions.

Why Participate?

Top 10 Reasons to Attend V-VSS 2020.  We look forward to “seeing” you “there”.

Frequently Asked Questions

See the V-VSS FAQ page for questions and answers related to V-VSS and COVID-19.