V-VSS Video Chat Speaker Instructions

This page includes tips, instructions, and troubleshooting information for poster presenters who will be presenting their poster via Video Chat at V-VSS.

Using Video Chat

Each poster presentation has its own Video Chat room to allow you, the presenter, to interact with V-VSS attendees. Video Chat is accessed from your poster page. You can access your poster page by logging in to your MyVSS account and clicking the ‘View My Abstract’ button.

During your two-hour V-VSS Poster Session attendees will see a “Join Video Chat” link on your poster page that they can click to join your video chat session. This is very similar to a Zoom meeting. All people on the video chat are able to see each other, talk to each other, and chat with each other.

As the presenter, you have some additional controls. Your video chat window also allows you to share your screen and mute people on the video chat.

The poster session is two hours long. You are expected to be on video chat during this time to interact with people who want to hear about your poster.

The “Start Video Chat” button on your poster page allows you to start your video chat session up to 15 minutes before the scheduled poster session. We suggest you start video chat early to test your configuration. Attendees can join your video chat up to 5 minutes prior to poster session and throughout the two-hour poster session.

Once people have joined your video chat, they can stay on the chat for up to 15 minutes after the poster session ends. At that time, the video chat room shuts down automatically.

Video chat sessions are not recorded.

Sharing Your Screen

To share your screen with your attendees, click the Share icon at the bottom of the video chat window. A dropdown list will appear at the top left of your window listing the Screens, Windows, and Chrome tabs you currently have open. Select one to share it.

To share your Poster PDF, first open the Poster PDF popup window by clicking the View PDF icon on your poster page. Then select Share Screen and select the window titled “V-VSS Poster PDF”. You can resize the Poster PDF popup window and pan and zoom to display various areas on your poster. Use your mouse in the Poster PDF popup window to point to items on your poster.

If you have problems sharing your screen, see Troubleshooting below.


Clicking the Chat icon at the bottom of your video chat window allows you and attendees to chat with each other. This is a group chat that all attendees can see. There is no one-on-one chat.

Chat messages can be seen by everyone in the chat room, even if they joined after the messages were sent. Chat content should remain professional.

Chat sessions are not recorded, but any attendee can download the chat text by clicking the Download link under the chat window. You must do this before the video chat session ends.

Managing Attendees

Clicking the People icon at the bottom of your video chat window lets you see who is online. As the presenter, you have some control over the attendees:

  • You can mute an attendee or all attendees. Once an attendee is muted, only they can unmute themself.
  • You can turn off an attendee’s video. Once their video is turned off, only they can turn it back on.
  • You can kick an attendee out of the session. However, there are no restrictions on them rejoining.


Here are some common problems and solutions for using video chat.

Hearing an Echo

If you are hearing an echo, someone’s microphone on the call is picking up the audio and feeding it back to the group. The solution is to identify the attendee causing the problem. You can start by muting all attendees and then let attendees unmute themselves. For more information, see this article.

I Can’t Share My Screen

If you click the Share Screen button, but nothing appears to happen, it’s possible that your screen sharing is blocked. Look for an icon at the top left of your video chat window that indicates that screen sharing is blocked, then click Unblock to share.

Try a different browser (Chrome is recommended) or try sharing a tab instead of a window.

If you continue to have problems, you can Leave the video chat session and re-enter. This will not end the video chat session; the rest of the attendees will still be online when you return.

Other Problems

See this page for more tips and troubleshooting information.