Virtual Club Vision

For many of us, Club Vision is one of the highlights of VSS, for some of us it’s the best night of the year (this is less sad than it sounds). 

A quick twitter poll yielded over 100 votes showing that many of you share our enthusiasm. So there shall not be a Virtual VSS without a virtual dance party.

Thus we give to you: Virtual Club Vision

You must have questions.

Why are we doing this? 

Club Vision is where vision scientists come together to relax, enjoy music, and dance. This year, it will be a way to rejuvenate after perfecting your presentation, worrying about the pandemic in quarantine, or fighting for justice in the streets. 

How does it work?

Virtual Club Vision – is a zoom-based dance party. The zoom link will be available in your V-VSS meeting schedule. In addition to the dance floor (main room), we will be able to assign small groups to breakout rooms if you want to catch up with friends. If you haven’t been to a party over zoom yet, it’s more fun than you expect and better than a lab meeting. 

When does it happen? 

Right after the closing session on Wednesday, June 24th, at 4:30 pm EDT. VSS is virtually everywhere this year, so we tried to accommodate most time zones. This is the afternoon in the Americas, the late evening in Africa and Europe, and the early morning in East Asia and Australia. 

Virtual Club Vision in your local time: June 24, 4:30 pm EDT America/New_York  Log In For Local Time

When does it end?

The party will last for at least 2 hours, but can be extended up to 4 hours if that’s what we all want (the organizers are in Europe and California).

Who’s the DJ?

It could be (should be!) you. To nominate yourself, send us 5 example tracks that you would play (by Monday, June 22, 12 pm EST; contact info below). We hope to offer a diverse range of musical styles, but we may not be able to accommodate everyone. DJ Curvature, DJ D-Prime, and DJ Focus already volunteered to play 30-60 min sets.

What should I bring?

Glowsticks, disco lights, creative zoom backgrounds, and your pent-up energy from months of quarantine. 

What should I wear?

Your VSS outfit that you didn’t get to show off this year.

What are the rules? 

Virtual Club Vision – is a judgement-free space for all members of our community to celebrate. Participate however you feel comfortable. The hosts will kick out any attendee who behaves disrespectfully or inappropriately. 

Please do not share the zoom link with non-VSS members, but other people in your household are welcome to dance with us. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Martin Rolfs ( & Alex White (