V-VSS Presenter Instructions

All presenters at V-VSS should prepare and upload their presentation prior to the online meeting. Materials must be uploaded through the presentation page of your MyVSS account between May 27 and June 11, 2020. This will provide us time to test the presentation system prior to the meeting.

Although we plan to have some talks presented at live sessions, these talks must also be provided as recorded videos so that members unable to attend the live sessions may also view them.

All presenters are asked to follow these guidelines for preparing their V-VSS presentations.

Uploading Your Presentation Files

To upload your presentation files, log in to your MyVSS account and click View My Presentation. Look for controls (visible only to you, the presenter) to upload each file type.

We recommend that you test your presentation files after uploading to ensure your attendees do not encounter problems. You can upload revisions to your presentation files through the upload deadline of June 11, 2020. Uploading a new file will overwrite the existing file; this action cannot be undone.

Talk Presentations

Required: Pre-recorded Video – You must upload a pre-recorded video of your talk in MP4 format, not to exceed 12 minutes in length and less than 2GB in size. The uploaded video can be at any resolution, but a resolution of HD (1280 x 720) will load and play faster than a larger file. We encourage presenters to add closed captions to their videos to maximize accessibility. See V-VSS Presentation Tips.

Optional: Talk Supplement – You may upload slides or another file to supplement your talk. Attendees can download this file for reference while watching your talk video. Uploading a supplemental file is optional – one reason for doing so is if some elements of your presentation require higher resolution than provided by the video format. Your supplemental file can be a PowerPoint, a Keynote file, or a PDF. It must be less than 500MB in size.

Poster Presentations

Required: PDF Poster – You must upload a one-page PDF of your poster. The PDF must be less than 50MB in size. Attendees will be able to view your PDF on the website or download it to view in a viewer of their choice.

Optional: Pre-recorded Video poster tour – You may upload a video tour of your poster in MP4 format, not to exceed 6 minutes in length and 2GB in size. Any graphical elements shown in your video must also be on your uploaded poster; you may rearrange these for clarity in your video. In addition, graphical elements in your video may be animated versions of those on your poster.

The uploaded video can be at any resolution, but a resolution of HD (1280 x 720) will load and play faster than a larger file. We encourage presenters to add closed captions to their videos to maximize accessibility. See V-VSS Presentation Tips.

Chat With Attendees

Your presentation page includes an asynchronous text area so you can interact with attendees viewing your presentation. Presenters are asked to log in to their MyVSS account and check their presentation page periodically during V-VSS (June 19-24) to respond to comments and questions posted by attendees.

Schedule Video Conferences

Your presentation page allows you to schedule up to four Presenter Conferences. The purpose of these live video conferences is to have a reserved time to interact with attendees. The available presentation times are designed to avoid conflicts with other scheduled live V-VSS events. Links to your scheduled Presenter Conferences will appear on your presentation page so attendees can join your conference. The scheduled length of each presenter conference is 40 minutes, but you may stay live for longer if you wish.

You are responsible for arranging your video conference using a platform or your choice. Zoom is good for this type of conference, and 40 minute conferences with up to 100 attendees can be set up with a free Zoom account. Tips to avoid “zoombombing”, based on the experience of the Neuromatch conference, are available here. To schedule your video conference:

  1. Select ‘Schedule Video Conferences’ from your presentation page. The available times are distributed across many time zones and do not conflict with other V-VSS events.
  2. From the drop-down list, determine a time that works for you.
  3. Go to your preferred video conference provider and schedule your conference and obtain instructions for those wishing to join.  These should include the link itself, and may include additional information that may help attendees join.
  4. Return to your Presenter Conferences page, enter your conference details, and click Submit.

Presenter’s Message

You can use this general-purpose text box for leaving messages to your attendees, provide additional presentation information, or links to outside resources. For example, you may want to interact with your attendees using outside services, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Email, or Text. Or, you may want to provide links to additional supplemental materials, such as images or documents to support your presentation. It’s your responsibility for setting up these other forms of interaction or file access.

More Information

Also see V-VSS Presentation Tips.