V-VSS FAQ (2021)

V-VSS 2021 Information

Plans for V-VSS 2021 are underway! The meeting will run from May 21 through May 26, 2021.

Here are some answers to important questions you might have about the upcoming meeting. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please contact us at .

What are the main components of V-VSS?

V-VSS 2021 will have many components familiar from our in-person conferences: talks, posters, symposia, networking events, professional development activities targeted to students and postdocs, and satellites.

How will talks be presented?

All talks will be presented in sessions containing about 5 or 6 talks on broadly similar topics. Talks will be presented in “simulated live” mode, where a recorded presentation will be followed by live Q & A. Presenters will also be able to engage the audience through interactive chat, visible to all, while the recording is played.

Will recordings of the talks and Q & A be posted?

Yes, and the recordings of the talks and Q & A will be available to attendees for several months after the conference.

When will talk sessions be scheduled?

We expect that talk sessions will be held primarily within the 10 am – 2pm EDT time slot, with additional sessions during hours that correspond to morning and late afternoon times in Asia and Australia. The abstract submission form asks presenters to select preferred times. We will do our best to schedule sessions at times that fulfill these preferences, although this may not always be possible.

Will talks be captioned to increase accessibility?

Yes. VSS will provide access to “Screencast-o-matic” software that presenters will use to generate captions to their talk and poster videos, prior to uploading these to the meeting website.

How will posters be presented?

Posters will consist of the poster (PDF) and a recorded 6-minute video, both of which will be available during the meeting and for several months afterward.

There will also be scheduled poster sessions conducted via Gather.Town, a platform that allows live exchanges with presenters. As much as possible, posters within each scheduled session will be on similar topics, and as with talks presentation times will conform as much as possible to the preferences indicated by presenters when they submitted their abstracts.

How can I view the program and abstracts?

Members will be able to download a PDF with abstracts and links to presentations prior to the start of the meeting.

Members will also be able to generate personalized itineraries and bookmark presentations and live events through the online platform.

Will there be “coffee breaks” and discussions?

Yes! We will schedule social time throughout the meeting using Gather.Town. Details will be available prior to the meeting.

Will there be symposia and satellites?

The symposia that were originally planned for 2020 will be held at V-VSS 2021 using the same format as for the talk sessions described above. A call for satellites will be announced in January 2021.

Will there be social events, networking events and events to promote professional development of students, postdocs and other early career scientists?

We are planning a wide variety of social/networking events and workshops to address the needs and interests of our membership at all career stages. Our Student-Postdoc Advisory Board will be part of the planning of these events, as they were for V-VSS 2020. Further information soon!

How is V-VSS ensuring that the live events and the access to the interactive program tools will be available without interruption?

Based on our experience with V-VSS 2020 we have taken many steps to ensure that access to the meeting will be smooth and uninterrupted. These include optimized database protocols, as well as more powerful dedicated primary and back-up servers.

What has VSS been doing to promote diversity and inclusion since the 2020 meeting?

VSS has a standing committee for Diversity and Inclusion whose work is supported by a member advisory group. The activities of these groups are inspired to a large degree by the ideas and recommendations made by our members at the Diversity Townhall held during V-VSS 2020 in collaboration with FoVea. We are working to expand opportunities for bringing more undergraduates from historically underrepresented groups to V-VSS 2021 and planning a range of networking opportunities to allow a diverse group of members and attendees to discuss experiences both at the meeting and in vision science more generally.

Is the meeting available to all members?

All 2021 VSS members may attend the entire meeting, have access to all recorded talks and posters, as well as access to any other virtual activities or resources provided during the year.

Why charge a presenter fee for a virtual meeting?

VSS has fixed costs which are essential to organizing the meeting. These costs are only partially covered by membership fees. Further, there are added costs to holding a virtual meeting that can serve the needs of a large multi-disciplinary global membership; the fees are used to cover expenses, such as preparing the meeting and the program, hosting the talk and poster presentations online both during and after the meeting, contributing to accessibility and allowing for the interactive events.

What does VSS do with the membership fees and why is it important to maintain a robust membership roster?

The membership fees are used to support the ongoing operations of the society. This includes planning and running the annual meeting and conducting other society functions, including managing awards, sponsors, elections, website, legal/finance, and providing support to members. Without a stable membership, the society will not be able to budget or plan for future meetings or events.  The VSS budget is presented to the membership and discussed as part of the annual business meeting, which will be held in 2021 during V-VSS.

Is there any option for reduced fees due to hardship?

The Vision Sciences Society is committed to assist with costs of participating in the Society for researchers from countries with limited access to research support. Our policy is outlined on our website here.

In addition, early career attendees can apply for ‘travel’ awards which will offset the cost of attending the meeting. Details will be provided on our website here.

My employment prevents me from joining a society. How can I view presentations for V-VSS?

If the nature of your employment prevents you to from joining the society, and you would like to view presentations delivered at the online V-VSS meeting, contact VSS.

V-VSS 2021 Abstracts

Can I submit recently published work to V-VSS 2021?

No. As indicated here on our website, abstracts must be work that has not been accepted or published at the time of submission.

May I submit my VSS 2020 abstract to V-VSS 2021 without addition of new material?

Abstracts that were not presented at V-VSS 2020 may be submitted verbatim to V-VSS 2021. Abstracts presented at V-VSS 2020 are considered presented. Submission of presented work to V-VSS 2021 will require the addition of new material.

Will abstracts be re-reviewed for VSS 2021, even in cases where the abstract was withdrawn and is being resubmitted verbatim?


Will my 2021 abstract be published in JOV?

Presented abstracts will be published in the Journal of Vision.