V-VSS 2020 Exhibitors

VSS thanks our 2020 exhibitors for their generous support.

Brain Vision, LLC

Brain Vision is the leading team for EEG in Vision Science. We offer full integration of EEG with many leading eye-tracking and video systems we also provide flexible and robust solutions for both stationary and mobile EEG. All of our systems are available with a variety of electrode types such as saline-sponge nets, active gel, passive, and dry electrodes, which are easily expandable with bio-sensors like GSR, ECG, Respiration, and EMG.  Our team is specialized in using EEG with other modalities such as fMRI, fNIRS, MEG, TMS, and tDCS/HDtDCS.

If you want to know how EEG and Vision Science improve each other, please feel free to contact us:  

Let us help you push the edge of what research is possible!

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Cambridge Research Systems Ltd.

Virtual greetings!

In these days when many of us are reflecting on the past and the future, we’re sharing our VSS throwbacks:

Meanwhile, trapped in London lockdown and missing the Florida beaches, the CRS Staff Scientists reach out to a video production company with dreams of creating an Oscar winning promotional video.

Back in our comfort zone, we continue to draw on our expertise and 30 years of experience to bring you Tools for Vision Science, including Display++ calibrated LCD display, LiveTrack Lightning affordable 500Hz binocular eye tracking, LiveTrack FM fixation monitor, SpectroCAL spectroradiometer, AudioFile auditory stimulus processor; and our range of Tools for fMRI. Plus new protocols for clinical visual function assessment with Metropsis.

New for 2020: Contact us for details of our Stereoscope – with dual 4K displays and integrated eye tracking it’s ideal for stimuli with stereoscopic depth or binocular rivalry experiments.  We’d love to hear about your specific requirements.

See you at V-VSS!

Visit our website – Cambridge Research Systems Ltd.

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Cortech Solutions, Inc.

We are your Cambridge Research Systems sales and support representative for North America, and your source for vision science, eye-tracking, fMRI displays / audio / response devices, and other high-performance tools for vision research. See the low-cost / high-performance LiveTrack Lightning eye-tracker, Display++ calibrated LCD display, and more at the booth. We also represent the high-resolution, wearable Artinis Brite24 fNIRS and Biosemi ActiveTwo EEG. We look forward to seeing your excellent talks and posters. Drop us a line to say, “Hi!”
Visit our website – Cortech Solutions, Inc.

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EyeTech Digital Systems Inc.

EyeTech, a pioneer in the development of ground-breaking eye tracking solutions for more than 2 decades is proudly launching EyeOn medical-grade eye tracker, the fastest all-in-one eye tracking tablet available today. 

EyeOn technology is revolutionizing patient vision screening and cognitive screening applications, offering the most precise method for recording eye positions and movement patterns for neurologic, ophthalmologic and neuro-ophthalmic uses. The system provides state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms, advanced analytics, and our proprietary AEye 2.0 Technology, to accurately capture fixations, microsaccades, smooth-pursuit eye movements, and much more. With frame rates up to 500Hz, EyeOn is the ideal tool for screening, assessing, monitoring, and treating patients, harnessing eye data to augment health intelligence and help improve patient outcomes.

EyeOn will offer several innovative applications, ranging from cognitive, to vision, to rehab therapy.  Customized reports will be available, to help clinicians effectively screen and improve clinical outcomes. 

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NeuroNexus powers neuroscience research through innovative neural probes, systems, and data analytics software. The NeuroNexus catalog includes a full line of high-quality, customizable microelectrode arrays for electrophysiology and optogenetics research in models from rodents to nonhuman primates. The NeuroNexus SmartBox Pro data acquisition system provides integrated plug-and-play solutions to support diverse neurophysiology experiments and workflows with up to 1024 channels. The accompanying NeuroNexus Allego software platform provides powerful, scalable, cross-platform visualization and analytics tools for managing and analyzing neurophysiological data — from individual experiments to complex multi-investigator ‘big data’. Contact us to discuss your experimental needs one-on-one with our PhD Applications Scientists and experienced customer service staff or visit our YouTube channel to catch up on informative product and scientific presentations. Finally, follow us on social media to hear about what’s coming next!

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Rogue Research Inc.

Rogue Research, developers of the Brainsight® family of neuronavigation products, has been providing researchers with the best in neuronavigation for TMS, fNIRS and animal neurosurgical systems for 20 years. Brainsight is the most widely used neuronavigation tool in the field of neuroscience. Our new Elevate TMS stimulator is the most flexible TMS device available. Brainsight Vet is designed for accurate placement of any needle shaped probe. Our new 6-axis robot extends these capabilities to mouse, rat and marmoset. We manufacture NHP testing chairs and MRI chairs with head coils and custom grids and implants.

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VPixx Technologies

VPixx Technologies is a hardware and software company based in Quebec, Canada. Since 2001, our team has been working closely with the vision science community to provide hardware and software solutions for vision science research. Our products include experiment creation software tools, CRT replacement monitors, video I/O hubs, a 1440 Hz research-grade projector and a 2 kHz binocular eye tracker. All of our hardware is founded on the principle of low-level control of timing and microsecond-precise synchronization.

VPixx is a long-time sponsor of VSS, and we are happy to support and participate in the first virtual edition of the conference. In this short introduction video, VPixx Staff Scientist Dr. Lindsey Fraser will outline the series of talks VPixx will present over the course of V-VSS. She will also introduce a brand-new learning platform launched this May, the VPixx Online Classroom and Library (VOCAL), and preview a new hardware simulation tool currently in development at VPixx, the LabMaestro Simulator.

We look forward to seeing you at V-VSS!

VPixx V-VSS Crowdcast: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/vpixx_vss_2020
VPixx Online Classroom and Library: https://vpixx.com/vocal/
LabMaestro Guide: https://vpixx.com/vocal/LabMaestro-simulator/
Contact us at scientist@vpixx.com to book a consultation with one of our staff scientists regarding your research needs.

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WorldViz VR is the industry leader in turnkey interactive visualization and simulation solutions for the enterprise. For over a decade, more than 1,500 customers, including leading universities and Fortune 500 companies have chosen WorldViz VR to drive business development and product innovation.

From training teams to selling complex products, visualizing architectural projects and workflows, designing product prototypes, and studying social behavior, WorldViz VR empowers today’s leading enterprises to create immersive virtual worlds and experiences.

Over the years, WorldViz VR has developed Vizard– a platform for users to rapidly build immersive interactive 3D virtual reality applications that solve real world business and research challenges. Our VR Eye Tracking Analytics Lab, an add-on to Vizard is a simple yet powerful tool for setting up eye tracking experiments in VR with support for all the major PC based VR eye tracking devices including the new Vive Pro Eye, Pupil Labs and Tobii VR.

At the core of WorldViz VR’s all-inclusive approach to building, rendering and deploying virtual reality applications, is Vizible, the virtual reality SaaS solution for business collaboration and online training, and VizMove, the world’s only enterprise-class VR software and hardware solution.

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