Frequently asked questions about Virtual VSS 2020. If you don’t find an answer to your question, please contact us at vss@visionsciences.org.

VSS 2020 Annual Meeting Cancellation

Why was the in-person 2020 meeting cancelled?

Given the increasing scope of COVID-19, the declaration of a National Emergency in the US, the increasing number of governmental and institutional travel bans, and the need for social distancing in order to fight the COVID-19 outbreak, the VSS board made the difficult decision to cancel the annual meeting which was to be held May 15-20, 2020 in St. Pete Beach, Florida.

Will the Annual Meeting be rescheduled?

No, due to the size of the meeting, it is not possible to schedule the in-person meeting for another date in 2020.

Do I need to cancel my hotel reservation?

If you reserved a hotel room under the VSS block at the TradeWinds, your hotel room was cancelled automatically, and your deposit refunded. If you did not receive notification of your cancellation, contact the TradeWinds at (800) 808-9833. If you booked at the TradeWinds but outside the VSS block, you need to personally cancel your reservation. And if you booked other accommodations, you would also need to personally cancel your reservation.

Virtual VSS 2020 Online Meeting (V-VSS)

Do I have to pay to participate in the V-VSS online meeting?

Presenters pay a presentation fee of $100 for regular members and $50 for students/post-docs. Non-presenting VSS 2020 members who have paid their 2020 membership fees may view presentations and participate in other online V-VSS activities without additional fees. Individuals who are not current VSS members may attend by joining VSS and paying the 2020 membership fees.

Why is there a presentation fee for V-VSS?

VSS has fixed costs, whether we hold an in-person meeting or not.  These costs are only partially covered by membership fees. In addition, there are added costs to holding V-VSS.  These include hosting presentations online and publishing abstracts.  The modest presentation fees will cover the costs of holding V-VSS and contribute to covering the society’s fixed costs. The VSS budget is presented each year at the society’s business meeting, which this year will occur as part of V-VSS.

My employment prevents me from joining a society. How can I view presentations for V-VSS?

If the nature of your employment prevents you to from joining the society, and you would like to view presentations the online V-VSS meeting, contact VSS.

Will I be allowed to submit a new abstract for Virtual VSS 2020?


How do I withdraw my abstract?

Log into your MyVSS account and indicate you are not presenting at V-VSS by answering “no” to the presentation question. If you had already registered for VSS 2020, you will be given refund options. Abstracts that are neither registered for presentation nor withdrawn by May 31 will be automatically withdrawn.

I withdrew my abstract before a decision was made on holding an online meeting. Can I still participate in V-VSS?

If your abstract has already been withdrawn from the system but you now wish to present at V-VSS, instructions for reinstating your abstract are now available in your MyVSS account.

May I list my ‘accepted but withdrawn’ VSS 2020 abstract on my CV?

If you withdraw, you may list your abstract on your CV along with annotation that it was withdrawn prior to presentation because the in-person 2020 meeting was cancelled. You may indicate whether it had been accepted as a talk or a poster.

Presenting at V-VSS

What are the presentation formats for the V-VSS meeting?

See the preliminary Presenter Instructions for information about presentation formats.

Will there be live real-time events as part of V-VSS?

Yes, we are planning a number of live real-time events as part of V-VSS.  These will include some talk sessions as well as other events.  We will provide updates as planning proceeds.

I have an accepted talk presentation for VSS 2020, and would like to present the work at V-VSS.  Is it possible to give a virtual poster rather than a virtual talk?

Yes. You will be presented with an option to choose a V-VSS poster presentation as you register to present at V-VSS.

I have an accepted poster presentation for VSS 2020, and would like to present the work at V-VSS. Is it possible to give a virtual talk rather than a virtual poster?

No, we are not allowing the conversion of posters to talks.

The project has evolved since the initial abstract submission. Is it possible to update the abstract?

Abstracts may not be changed after submission. It is, however, permissible for you to describe the current state of the project in the presentation itself.

Are their restrictions on the dimensions of the poster PDFs?

No. The requirement is that the PDF be one page. We recommend that you keep in mind that the poster will in general be viewed on a computer screen or as a one page printout on letter sized paper.

Are there duration limits on the videos?

Yes, talk videos are limited to 12 minutes and poster tour videos to 6 minutes. VSS may delete your video and request that you upload a new one if the play time significantly exceeds the duration limit.

Will my abstract be published in JOV?

Presented abstracts will be published in the Journal of Vision, while withdrawn abstracts will not.


Is my VSS 2020 membership fee refundable if I withdraw my abstract?

No. Membership fees are not refundable as they are essential to covering the fixed costs of the society.

How do I request a registration refund?

Log into your MyVSS account and answer the questions about presenting at V-VSS and/or requesting a registration refund. Presenters who wish to present will receive the difference between the registration and presentation fee.

Can I donate my original registration fee to VSS?

Yes, there will be an option for those who elect not to receive a refund for all or part of their already paid registration fee.

I purchased a printed Abstracts book with my registration. Will I receive a refund for this?

Yes, abstract book purchases will be refunded at the same time as your registration fee.

How will my refund be processed?

Refunds will be issued back to the original payment method used. In some cases, where the original card is unavailable, your bank or VSS will contact you with alternate forms of receiving a refund.

I requested a registration refund by email but have not received it. When can I expect to receive my refund?

We are not issuing any refunds based on email requests. All refunds must be initiated from your MyVSS account starting May 1, 2020. Refunds can then take up to 10 workdays to be processed. If you have not received your refund within 2 weeks after you request it, please contact the VSS office.

What if I had already canceled my registration and was charged a $50 admin fee? Will this fee be refunded?

Yes, if you have received a refund but were charged a $50 admin fee, please contact the VSS office to receive a refund for that fee.

Can I apply my membership fee or registration fee to next year’s meeting?

No. It is not possible to apply this year’s membership fee or registration fee towards next year’s membership or registration.

Abstracts for 2021 Annual Meeting

May I submit my VSS 2020 abstract to VSS 2021 without addition of new material?

Withdrawn abstracts may be submitted verbatim to VSS 2021. Abstracts presented at VSS 2020 online are considered presented. Submission of presented work to VSS 2021 will require the addition of new material.

Will abstracts be re-reviewed for VSS 2021, even in cases where the abstract was withdrawn and is being resubmitted verbatim?