Undergraduate Just-In-Time Poster Presenter Instructions

Thank you for participating in VSS’s first-ever “Undergraduate Just-In-Time Poster session.” On this page, you will find instructions for creating, uploading, and presenting your poster. Please read them carefully. Your poster must be uploaded to your MyVSS account no later than May 7. All first authors must pay a Presenter Fee. The trainee rate is $75, which is due by April 30. 

Your Poster PDF will be available for viewing on your poster presentation page of the V-VSS website from the opening of V-VSS through August 31. All current VSS members will be able to view your PDF on the website or download it to view in a viewer of their choice.

PDF Requirements

Your Poster PDF must be a one-page PDF that is less than 20MB in size.

Your Poster PDF can be any aspect ratio or resolution. Landscape orientation is recommended because we expect most attendees will be viewing presentations on a computer screen. Resolution should be high enough that all details are clearly visible. This allows attendees to zoom in on areas of your poster.

Most programs allow saving or printing to PDF format. The initial PDF created by many programs can be large. If you have Adobe Acrobat, you can reduce the file size by going to File > Save as Other > Reduce Size PDF. Free PDF converters and compressors can be found online (Example: https://www.freepdfconvert.com). Be aware that you may have to use a limited set of fonts if using an online PDF converter.

Uploading Your Poster PDF

After you complete your Poster PDF, you must upload it to your MyVSS Account. For instructions, see Uploading Your Presentation Files. Presentation Uploads open on April 19 and close on May 7.

You must upload your FINAL presentation files to your MyVSS Account no later than May 7.

Suggestions for Creating an Effective Poster

  • Prepare a title banner indicating the abstract title, author(s), and affiliation(s). Lettering should be in a simple font, using a font size that is clearly viewable.
  • Minimize narrative. Posters that are wordy or cluttered are difficult to read, and your point is often lost.
  • For figures, use dark colors on white or light backgrounds. Figures should be in a font size that makes them clear to the viewer.
  • Use large type and short separated paragraphs.
  • Do not set entire paragraphs in boldface or capital letters.
  • Numbered or bulleted lists are a concise but effective way to convey a series of points.
  • It is not necessary to post a copy of your abstract.

Presenting Your Poster

As with our in-person meeting, you must present your poster during the scheduled poster session in Gather.Town. Gather.Town lets you stand at your virtual poster and video chat with attendees who approach your poster. Attendees can pop up your Poster PDF for viewing while chatting with you.

To identify yourself as a poster presenter when in Gather.Town, name your avatar using this convention: [poster number] – [your name]. For example: “UG-B23 – Bella Frisk”. Stand at your board during your scheduled poster time so that people approaching your board are able to see and chat with you.