V-VSS Presenter Instructions

V-VSS 2021 presenters must prepare and upload their presentation prior to the online meeting. Poster presenters must upload a PDF of their poster and can optionally upload a video tour of their poster. All other presenters (keynote, symposia, talks, and awards speakers) must upload a video presentation. All video presentations must be captioned.

The deadline for uploading your presentation files (PDFs and videos) to your MyVSS Account is May 7.

Talk Presentations

Talk presentations (including symposia, keynote, and awards talks) are presented via Zoom Webinar as a “simulated live” presentation. Simulated live means that a prerecorded video is played during the Zoom Webinar with the presenter in attendance. During the presentation, attendees can pose questions via chat. A Question & Answer period will follow the playing of the video presentation.

Immediately following your talk session is a Coffee Break in Gather.Town where you can video chat with attendees who would like to hear more about your research. Talk presenters are highly encouraged to attend this gathering.

Your prerecorded video will be available for viewing from your presentation page immediately following your talk session. The entire Zoom Webinar session will also be recorded and available on the website within 48 hours. All videos are available for viewing through August 31.

See Preparing Your Presentation and Using Screencast-O-Matic for instructions on preparing, captioning and uploading your video presentation.

Poster Presentations

Your Poster PDF and optional Poster Tour video will be available for viewing on your poster presentation page of the V-VSS website from the opening of V-VSS through August 31. All current VSS members will be able to view your PDF on the website or download it to view in a viewer of their choice.

As with our in-person conference, you must present your poster in Gather.Town during your scheduled poster session. Gather.Town lets you stand at your virtual poster and video chat with attendees who approach your poster. Attendees can pop up your Poster PDF for viewing while chatting with you. Learn more about Gather.Town.

To identify yourself as a poster presenter when in Gather.Town, name your avatar using this convention: [poster number] – [your name]. For example: “G156 – Bella Frisk”. Stand at your board during your scheduled poster time so that people approaching your board are able to see and chat with you.

If you plan to create a Poster Tour video, you must add captions. VSS is providing access to Screencast-O-Matic software for this purpose.

See Preparing Your Presentation and Using Screencast-O-Matic for instructions on preparing and uploading your PDF and optional video presentation.

More Information

Also see Preparing Your Presentation and Using Screencast-O-Matic.