Thanks to for attending VSS and V-VSS 2022!

VSS 2022 was a success! 

Our 1500 attendees were beyond delighted to be in person once again.

As you reunited with old friends and met some of our newest vision scientists from around the world, we trust you had time to attend some of the 220 talks, 800 posters, and 6 symposia, as well as the special events, such as Connect with Industry, the Opening Night Reception, numerous special Satellites, Demo Night, sponsored Exhibits and the Awards Session. We were also privileged to have had a representative from Equality Florida attend our Celebrating Diversity event and talk about the local community while those in attendance shared their ideas about how to make VSS and vision science more inclusive.

V-VSS featured new Talk and Poster sessions, including many of the posters presented at VSS (for those who could not travel to the meeting or make it to all the posters). 

V-VSS included a variety of events, including Geoffrey Hinton’s KeynoteSatellites, the Undergraduate Meet and Greet, and workshops on topics such as Non-Academic CareersUS FundingConnect with IndustryAccessibility in Vision ScienceOpen Science Workshop, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Vision Science

Registration for VSS included registration for V-VSS at no extra cost and V-VSS registrants will be able to access recordings of the VSS and V-VSS talk sessions and the uploaded poster presentations through September 30, 2022.

Special thanks to the Student-Postdoc committee for their role in organizing the accessibility and open science workshops. We are also grateful for the support of our many industry sponsors and members and for the work of our many committee volunteers. A thunderous round of applause to Meeting Perfect for working tirelessly and fearlessly to create and carry out the conference. Finally, thanks to you for your support of VSS through your membership and participation at the conference. 

We wish everyone good health and a fruitful and happy year. We look forward to seeing you at VSS 2023.

The Board of Directors of the Vision Sciences Society