FABBS Information

The VSS Board would like your opinion about joining the Federation of Associations in Behavioral and Brain Sciences (FABBS).

What is FABBS?

FABBS is the only coalition of scientific societies focused specifically on advocacy for the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior in the USA. We work collaborativelyย with the broader scientific community and higher education organizations to promote this agenda and to ensure support for all areas of science.

FABBS represents the interests of its scientific societies by:

  • Educating federal representatives, Congress, and the broader public about the importance of research in the sciences of mind, brain, and behavior
  • Advocating for legislation and policy that enhance training and research. That means working to protect or, when possible, expand funding for our sciences. It also means protecting the integrity of peer-review in the granting process.
  • Providing sources of expertise and knowledge to federal agencies, Congress, and the media

Why should VSS members be interested?

Our sciences face potential cuts every year because of very tight federal budgets due to spending caps and sequestration. FABBS works to protect funding for mind, brain, and behavior research at NSF, NIH, and elsewhere. Other organizations also advocate for science funding (e.g. APA or SfN), but FABBS brings together the voices of multiple societies to advocate specifically for funding in these sciences, including the basic behavioral research done by many members of VSS.ย  Last year, for example, FABBS was instrumental in heading off deep cuts to the NSF Social, Behavioral and Economic directorate โ€“ the NSF home for perception research.

What is the going to cost?

FABBS membership fees are based on a charge of $14-15 for all non-student members based in the US. Foreign members do not pay. Some societies (e.g. the Psychonomic Society) add this charge to the annual dues of the relevant members. Others simply pay from general funds.

Questions can be directed to VSS Board member, Jeremy Wolfe (). Full disclosure, Jeremy is the current president of FABBS.