V-VSS Presentation Upload is Now Open

To upload your V-VSS presentation, please see the Presenter Instructions.

Registration to present at V-VSS closes on May 31.
Log in to your MyVSS Account for registration and refund instructions.
For more information, see Virtual VSS 2020, June 19-24.

VSS 2020: Travel Issues Related to the Coronavirus

VSS is monitoring the coronavirus situation closely. If you plan to attend VSS 2020 and are traveling from a country with a government-imposed travel ban, we recommend that you register for the meeting now in order to avoid higher registration fees later. If travel bans are not lifted in time for the meeting or in time for visas to be approved, VSS will provide full refunds to affected members. For presenters unable to attend VSS 2020 due to a coronavirus travel ban, we will make every effort to facilitate your remote participation in the meeting.

We understand that this is a fluid situation and will continue to update the membership as the situation changes.

VSS Board of Directors