V-VSS Talks: Presentation Rules and Instructions

Presentation Rules

First authors are required to register for V-VSS and present their talk in their assigned session during V-VSS, June 1-2. VSS policy holds that if the first author is unable to attend the meeting, the abstract must be withdrawn. See Abstract Withdrawals for more information.

Presentation Instructions

V-VSS talks will be presented through Zoom Webinar. All talks for V-VSS will be presented live; no pre-recorded talks will be permitted.

Each talk is twelve minutes followed by a three-minute discussion period.

Prior to Your Talk

Thirty minutes before your presentation time, you will join VSS staff and moderators at your talk’s Zoom link. This will allow us to check audio, check playback of your video, and do other troubleshooting.

During your Talk

The Session Moderator will introduce you. At this time, you will turn on your video and share your screen. After the conclusion of the talk, the Session Moderator will read questions from the Q&A window.