Member-Initiated Symposia


2014 Symposia

2013 Symposia

The structure of visual working memory

Wei Ji Ma, Baylor College of Medicine

Contextual and top-down influences in vision

Uri Polat, Tel-Aviv University

Active Perception: The synergy between perception and action

Michele Rucci, Boston University & Eli Brenner, VU University

ARVO@VSS: Visual Development

Susana Chung, University of California, Berkeley and Anthony Norcia, Stanford University

Decoding and the spatial scale of cortical organization

Jeremy Freeman, New York University; Elisha P. Merriam, Departments of Psychology and Neural Science, New York University; and Talia Konkle, Department of Psychology, Harvard University

Does appearance matter?

Sarah R. Allred, Rutgers--The State University of New Jersey

2012 Symposia

Pulvinar and Vision: New insights into circuitry and function

Vivien A. Casagrande, Department of Cell & Developmental Biology, Vanderbilt Medical School

What does fMRI tell us about brain homologies?

Reza Rajimehr, McGovern Institute for Brain Research, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Part-whole relationships in visual cortex

Johan Wagemans, Laboratory of Experimental Psychology, University of Leuven

Distinguishing perceptual shifts from response biases

Joshua Solomon, City University London

Human visual cortex: from receptive fields to maps to clusters to perception

Serge O. Dumoulin, Experimental Psychology, Helmholtz Institute, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands

Neuromodulation of Visual Perception

Jutta Billino, Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, and Ulrich Ettinger, Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitšt Bonn

2011 Symposia

Mechanisms of adaptation in different visual cortical areas: electrophysiology, functional imaging and computational modeling

Rufin Vogels

Models of Perceptual Learning: Combining Psychophysics, Computation and Neuroscience

Alexander A. Petrov

Perception of Emotion from Body Expression: Neural basis and computational mechanisms

Martin A. Giese

Ongoing fluctuation of neural activity and its relationship to visual perception

Hakwan Lau

Prediction in Visual Processing

Jacqueline M. Fulvio, Paul R. Schrater

Integrating local motion information

Duje Tadin

2010 Symposia

Dissociations between top-down attention and visual awareness
Jeroen van Boxtel and Nao Tsuchiya

Representation in the Visual System by Summary Statistics
Ruth Rosenholtz

Nature vs. Nurture in Vision: Evidence from Typical and Atypical Development
Faraz Farzin

Understanding the interplay between reward and attention, and its effects on visual perception and action
Vidhya Navalpakkam, Leonardo Chelazzi and  Jan Theeuwes

Integrative mechanisms for 3D vision: combining psychophysics, computation and neuroscience
Andrew Glennerster

New Methods for Delineating the Brain and Cognitive Mechanisms of Attention
George Sperling

2009 Symposia

ARVO@VSS: Advances in Understanding the Structure and Function of the Retina
Donald Hood

Common mechanisms in Time and Space perception
David Eagleman

Is number visual? Is vision numerical? Investigating the relationship between visual representations and the property of magnitude
Michael C. Frank

Dynamic Processes in Vision
Jonathan D. Victor

Retinotopic and Non-retinotopic Information Representation and Processing in Human Vision
Haluk Ogmen and Michael H. Herzog

Modern Approaches to Modeling Visual Data
Kenneth Knoblauch

2008 Symposia and Organizers

Perceptual expectations and the neural processing of complex images
Bharathi Jagadeesh

Cortical organization and dynamics for visual perception and beyond
Zoe Kourtzi

Denis G. Pelli

Visual Memory and the Brain
Marian Berryhill

Bayesian models applied to perceptual behavior
Peter Battaglia

Action for perception: functional significance of eye movements for vision
Anna Montagnini and Miriam Spering

The past, present, and future of the written word
Frederic Gosselin and Bosco S. Tjan

Surface material perception
Roland W Fleming

2007 Symposia

Classification Images in Vision Research
Dario Ringach

How to use individual differences to isolate functional, neural and genetic mechanisms of vision
Jeremy Wilmer

Multivariate decoding of neural representations in electrophysiology and functional imaging
Nikolaus Kriegeskorte

Natural Scene Understanding: Statistics, Recognition and Representation
Fei-Fei Li

Neural Mechanisms of Depth Perception
Peter H. Schiller

Neural Substrate of Bottom-up and Top-down Visual Attentional Selection
Jan Theeuwes

Visual Organization and Computation
Sergei Gepshtein

Visual Plasticity in Abnormal and Damaged Adult Brains
Krystel Huxlin

2006 Symposia

20 Years of Multiple Object Tracking - What Have We Learned?
Zenon Pylyshyn

Biological Motion: the State and Future of the Art
Javid Sadr

Fixational Eye Movements in Visual Perception, Physiology and Oculomotor Control
Susana Martinez-Conde

Grounding Cognition in Perception and Action
Martin Fischer

Interfaces Between Vision and Language - The Problem and New Perspectives
Barbara Landau

Integrating Top-down and Bottom-up Visual Attention
Vidhya Navalpakkam

Object Recognition - 20 Years Later
Michael J. Tarr

Overcoming the Difficulties of Perceptual Learning
Aaron Seitz